The Creature Is Risen

King Creature

Studio Bar, Penzance, Saturday 21 June







Whoa. You don’t see many like these. King Creature’s hotly-anticipated Studio Bar debut proved to be both hot and well worth anticipating. The powerhouse potential that made the Par quartet a no-brainer for their recent ‘Band of the Week’ feature came roaring out of Pandora’s Box last night like a pack of raging hellions on an ether binge. From the moment they ripped into set opener ‘In Hell’, there was little doubt that any hype you may have read on this here website should not only be believed, but taken as gospel.

What makes King Creature so great? Point your pointy head in this direction and we’ll tell you what is. First up, in just over a year together they have already fine tuned a set that clearly identifies them as one of the finest exponents of heavy rock to come down the pipe in many a long year. This has largely been achieved by virtue of the group being comprised of four individuals that lock together to create something that is even greater than the already considerable sum of their parts. Each member of the band is supremely adept at what they do, and while technical excellence can often open the door marked ‘self indulgence’, there is a complete absence of that here. These people are steeped in rock’n’roll. It seeps forth from their pores – they do not ‘do’ it, they are it. And they embody the same joyous spirit of abandon that infuses all truly great rock’n’roll with its essential excitement.

Particularly impressive is twin guitar leviathans Dave Evans and Matt Vincent’s almost telepathic interplay – they switch from lead to rhythm with spectacular dexterity and to bewildering effect, imbuing numbers like ‘March Of The Creature’ and  ‘Wasted Life’ with deeply rewarding layers of intertwined sound that shimmer and roar. This can be complex, but is never masturbatory, as the band retains an unshakable focus on delivering their material with enthusiasm, energy and no little wit, ensuring that their technical excellence is subsumed in the service of the song. These tectonic plates of overlapping guitars gouge valleys and raise mountains borne aloft upon the mighty beats generated by Jack Bassett. His flailing precision comprises one half of a consummate rhythm section completed by Dave Kellaway, whose awesome (and I use that particular over-used term advisedly here) bass mastery is matched only by the magnetism he brings to his role as the band’s frontman.

With their debut EP, packed with blistering behemoths such as the suitably entitled ‘Power’ set to drop on 5 July and a forthcoming high-profile gig at the Bloodstock Festival fast approaching, King Creature’s momentum is about to reach escape velocity. Get the EP. Go see them live. Take your place at the court of the Kings.

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Upcoming Gigs

23rd June — The Caverns, Exeter

5th July — Band Rooms, St Austell

12th July — Flinn Fest, Britannia Inn, St Austell

26th July — The Hatchet Inn, Bristol

8th August — BloodStock Festival, Jagermeister Stage

23rd August — WayneStock , Gwinear

Dick Porter - June 22nd, 2014

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  1. ry

    They were intense!!

    June 22, 2014