‘Me Llega Al Pincho – 2002 – 2004’ (Rock SVB Disco)

MORBO have been keeping the punk rock flame burning in Lima, Peru, for more than a decade. If 2011’s ‘De Baja Calidad’ (Cintas Pepe) piqued your interest then you’re pretty much predisposed to tracking down a copy of this baby!

Recorded at various points between 2002-2004, and previously released on CDR only, ‘Me Llega Al Pincho’ features six further tracks of snotty, inept, scrappy punk from between the margins. Sounding like something that fell down the back of the DIY squat sofa in the early 1980s, MORBO follow in the grand tradition of passion over ability.

Presented in a fetching wraparound brown paper bag sleeve, and pressed on both black and green vinyl, ‘Me Llega Al Pincho’ is a mandatory purchase for anyone obsessed with punk rock in the South American tradition.

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Jean Encoule - June 4th, 2013

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