Tony Auton 20-4-07

What is your address to send you a copy of the new Autons album? Thanks

Tony Auton 20-4-07

Hi Alex

Believe me it is pretty incredible, I can only compare it to my favourite albums, otherwise it has failed.

Tony Auton 20-4-07

Hi Alex

It has been incredible for us. Being included [in the Festive 50 for ‘Snakes’] means that when we play around the country people really do know ‘Snakes’. The song is a brilliant debut single for sure, electro punk (with a stylophone!), witty and razor sharp, but being part of the Fifty has opened us up to all sorts of offers, even offers of shows in Europe and America. So, radio is still so influential. It means you can write a song in just a couple of minutes, which is what we did with ‘Snakes’; record it for fifty quid, which is what we did, post it to a few people (just five people originally, including Steve Lamacq and Rob Da Bank, who have both played it loads) - and hey presto. If it's good, then people into music not image (although our image and story are wholly terrific!) will find out about you.

A copy of our debut album, Short Term Manifesto, which is officially released on Monday 4th June 2007, is on its way to you (with this press release).

Autons in brief:

Autons debut single, ‘Snakes’, was voted as the second best release in this year¹s prestigious Festive Fifty.

Autons electro punk/glam/rock n roll led to their second single being released by legendary UK independent label Shifty Disco in March this year.

Autons are to have a song appear in a climate change film this summer.

Autons are:

David Auton, voice, programming, sequencing, acoustic guitar
Ray Auton, electric guitar and backing voice
Tony Auton, keyboard, stylophone and backing voice

Autons origins:

Autons met auditioning to be extras in the last Dr Who TV series. Failing in their attempts to appear as Autons (the plastic mannequins that came to life), they decided to form a band named after their beloved Dr Who adversaries. Autons like cult TV, plastic and rock n roll.

Autons next shows:

Portsmouth, Guildhall, Saturday 12th May 2007

Autons album:

Autons album artwork is a kind of Warholian-Noir, and features a series of stylish photographs, entitled Death of the Tricorn by Jodie Corney, and will be featured in a forthcoming book about the controversial building.

The songs (all written by David Auton):

1. The Devil In Me ­ the band’s fascination with cult TV and horror kicks off the album

2. It’s A Strange Thing ­ the new single, electro-glam comes into the modern age, a tale of TV fixation, violence and alienation

3. Snakes ­ the classic debut single, hailed as “genius” and we ain¹t gonna argue with that

4. Shine Tester, Shine Tester ­ a philosophical murder mystery

5. Different Eyes ­ a confession for the 21st century

6. Firebird ­ a stunning, soulful electro uber-ballad, Shifty Disco choose to release this one, they have good taste

7. Ice Major ­ electro punk has never sounded better, two million miles an hour

8. Spartacus ­ what would you fight for these days?

9. Maybe ­ a stunning, inspiring song that is becoming a climate awareness anthem

10. Words She Said ­ Alfred Hitchcock’s unreleased horror disco masterpiece finally sees the light of day!

Here's what some other people have to say about Autons:

“‘Snakes’ is a work of fucking genius! Like loads of my favourite punk records rolled into one.” (Pat Gilbert former Mojo Magazine editor)

“Autons impress with the brilliant ‘Snakes’. Taken from their four-track demo that Rob Da Bank couldn't stop raving about. Already played on the show before hitting unsigned.” (Radio 1's Unsigned)

"This is the most adventurous CD I have heard all day. It's excellent. Autons have a very punky sound that is mixed with techno beats and the result is absolutely fantastic. Genius.” (10/10 Repeat Fanzine)

“Hisses and writhes around vigorously like a pissed-off cobra trapped in a bag. It's a good thing that this electro-punk gem is blessed with a guitar riff to die for. A killer, and no mistake.” (Vanity Project)

“Attitudinal disco hardcore ... Autons are fantastic, leftfield fun. Uber-rhythmic: go get.” (Drowned in Sound)

“The three-piece have developed an electrifying stage show. The guitar is now the fastest gun in the West, while David Auton's elegantly wasted persona is an update of Bowie at his best.” (The Guide)

“Intricate sci-fi synthesisers resound, and vocalist David Auton’s petulant Lydon-esque snarl is truly venomous. Like Hot Chip, Autons are an infectious band to be enjoyed over and over again.” (God Is In The TV zine)

Hope to hear from you soon

Tony Auton 20-4-07

I hope you like the album, I think it adds something to all the music we love, and for me that is the whole point, to be inspired but not copy. Plus, lyrically, Dave is so, so on his own, stuff like the lyrics to ‘Strange Thing’ are remarkable commentaries

Tony Auton 20-4-07

(I made the fatal error of pointing out that ‘Firebird’, released on Shifty Disco, is rather good)

For me, they chose the best song on the album, a very beautiful song. Amazing really, because the shows are very punk rock, but I appreciated their taste.

Tony Auton 23-4-07

Hi Alex, let me know what you think of that album, if you like it please do review it for us for a magazine (Mojo are already going to review it as they love it, so Q or something?)

Tony Auton 23-4-07

Hi Alex, trakMARX would be great. I really, really hope you enjoy the album, the feedback we are getting is that it is something a little different.

Let me know what you think, won’t you?

Tony Auton 24-4-07

Hi Alex, What do you think of the album sir?

Tony Auton 25-4-07

Alex, I hope you like the album and do want to forward reviews to people, I think it is a pretty special album

Tony Auton 25-4-07

Thanks, stick with it, for me it is a 'proper' album, it moves through different moods and feelings. Any reviews would be great, but try a few nationals too!

Tony Auton 30-4-07

Hi Alex, well firstly, do you like it sir?

Why not forward to:

Rock Sound
any of those other coloursplodges?
The Guardian?
Wessex Church Gazzette?

Tony Auton 30-4-07

Feedback to the album is great (not on about reviews). Folk seem to like different songs, but all seem to say it hangs together as an album.

For what it’s worth, I think ‘Firebird’ is beautiful, soulful even (which is some achievement with electronic music). ‘Snakes’ is just a bit of a classic, really, you can see its effect live. Same with ‘It’s A Strange Thing’, even people who have never heard it are singing along by the second chorus.

I think ‘Shine Tester’ is hairs on the back of the neck stuff, just original. And I love the dumb arse punk of ‘Ice Major’ and the dumb arse Alfred Hitchcock doing disco of ‘Words She Said’ (which frames the album with ‘The Devil in Me’ . . . a mini concept . . . of sorts).

Blimey, should write me own reviews!


Tony Auton 30-4-07

How about a genuinely breakthrough to electronic music?

Electro-pop ... if you love The Killers et al, you will love this band, it is just that the lyrics are so much more than any current crop of ‘I love you’ or ‘I'm so careerest rock ‘n’ roll’. Songs like 'Words She Said' and 'Spartacus' display the band’s love of cult TV, movies and horror (the former they describe as being the first song to ever meld Alfred Hitchcock with disco). Electro-punk rock ... if you like punk rock then the much lauded 'Snakes' single (this year's Festive 50 runner-up) and one-million-miles-an-hour 'Ice Major' are something exhilarating and, again, in the Autons’ own image. The music is somehow alienating, yet classic.

Electro-glam ... if you love early Roxy Music you will love this band, the singer even looks like Bryan Ferry. But songs like 'It's A Strange Thing', while stomping away like a 1972 Bowie single in all of its pomp, also have a genuinely unique take on modern TV-obsessed culture ('I like watching violence on TV') that is as cutting and observant as anything out there.

Electro-soul ... if you love beautiful music with soul then the Shifty Disco-released single, 'Firebird' will have you swooning. This and 'Maybe' (which is gaining a lot of attention, and which is to appear in a film later this year) show that this three-piece have their ears firmly on the tasking of adding to all of the music they love, not being content just to copy. Make it new. Howzat?

Tony 01-05-07

Hi Alex.

Blimey - the Americans are loving the album

Apparently our label has done loads of work on us and we are to be reviewed and interviewed/featured in Amplifier Magazine ... how grand!

Tony 01-05-07

All that really matters is that it’s great and doesn’t copy anyone but adds a unique voice (David Auton) to the English music cannon, with a world class guitarist (Ray Auton) to boot ... quite a few of the punk bands have wanted him to play for them in the past.

Tony 01-05-07

(after I suggested I take him up on his earlier suggestion of allowing him to write his own review, and offering to become completely invisible and irrelevant to this process)

He he

I’ll shut-up then!

I dunno, I just think if it’s good it’s worth being heard ... but maybe it's not? That is the whole point of passing your music onto other people and asking their opinions ...

... but yeah, do that!

Tony 01-05-07

Give it go Joe. I like things being different.

The Reading gig at the weekend was a bit special, the promoter even gave us double our money due to how much everyone loved it. We suit small clubs.

Tony 14-05-07

Launched the album in Pompey last night, over 1,000 people, fantastic.

Tony 16-05-07

Hi Alex

Just been told our album has nearly sold out and it isn’t even available yet! We have sold lots of copies in Germany already, South America are going mad over it and we do our first major international interview for an American magazine on Saturday! Awesome! What a day!

Tony 16-05-07

We played in front of 1,000 people on Saturday to an unbelievable reception, then Monday we played to 20 in a punk rock dive and the place went mad ... we can mix it and hate shows being the same. Neat Neat Neat!

Tony 22-05-07

Hi Alex

Have you written a review of the album? Could you forward me it if you have, so as that I could use a couple of words of it in a national advert?

Here is the first review of the Autons album. We also did a long interview with them and they were specifically interested in our climate change song, ‘Maybe’. Judging by audience reaction I think we have captured the moment and written something special.

In response to Tony’s request for some bon mots to use in promotional materials. I came up with this:

"Tony Auton is the most persistent bastard I have ever met in my life. If it wasn’t for the fact that the new Autons album is quite good, I'd have him arrested."

Tony 22-05-07

It's old fashioned approach, no crummy PR company working for us, just our own sweet selves asking for a little bit of belief, support and love ...

Tony 14-06-07

Rock Sound have just told me we are reviewed in their 11th July issue, Issue 99

(continues along these lines until your correspondent either a) self-combusts b) sets fire to his toes as a distraction c) proclaims the Autons as quite the finest band ever to walk God’s earth. Hey, what are the odds on that last sentence getting quoted out of context?)

Alex Ogg – tMx 30 – 07/07