All's Fair In Love And Ebay . . .


All's Fair In Love And Ebay . . .

The story of the “100 Nights At The Roxy” grab!

A few months back I was taking another of my time wasting, useless, trawls through Ebay, looking for pieces of vintage punk treasure at the right price (which 9 times out of 10 turns up nothing I want!).

Suddenly, there it was on my computer screen, one of the sacred arty-facts of the 70s punk era . . . a near perfect copy of "100 Nights At The Roxy". Now, I've been looking for this for a very long time, having never seen a real copy, never mind owning one. I don't know why I want it, or need it. . . I just do! The seller had listed it specifically, so it wasn't turning up in a general search category, I had only found it by accident! It was coming from Switzerland . . . at a very low starting price of only $44 dollars (there was another copy being sold elsewhere on Ebay at that time with a £150.00 starting price!).

There were still around 6-days to go until the end of the auction, so I decided to play it cagey, and not declare my interest by entering a bid (in case I alerted others to my find and the competition would raise the price). So I waited, and a few days passed, and still no one else had picked up on it, things were looking good so far.

Two days left, and . . . shit!! Someone else had discovered my rare find. The funny thing was, it was a certain be-quiffed pal of mine from Belfast, who is also a trakMARX contributor . . . I recognised his username! It was a pure coincidence I hadn't mentioned the item to him, I didn't think it would have interested him.

Again, I decided to hide my interest in the book until the last possible minute, and not let him know I was there . . . stalking my prey! I didn't want to up the ante because of the bidding war it would invariably start . . . but he had already placed a bid, so the book price had now increased!

End of auction night . . . and the time was approaching to make my move. I put in a higher bid than his with only minutes left, and waited for his bid reply to cancel mine out . . . but it didn't happen! I won the much-coveted punk memorabilia item!

To this day I have never told my old pal about this as I didn't want him to think I was being sneaky (even though I probably was). Ebay makes you devious, but that’s the name of the game. Sorry mate, but: all's fair in love and Ebay! To be fair, I dunno what all the fuss is over this book, or how it’s elevated itself to mystical status in the punk memorabilia world! Its a decent enough rare punk photo-book, with very little text, but nothing really special. Then again, I can be smug now and not give a damn . . . as I own a copy! Wanna buy it? Yes?? Sorry, you'll have to wait another few years . . . so save up your pounds Sterling!

There’s the doorbell, I'll have to stop writing now . . . its the postman, with my Sid and John collectible figures sent direct from Canadia (sic)!

Jeez! I'm a sad punk anorak!

Roxy book

Joe Donnelly – tMx 30 – 07/07