Digital Dinosaurs

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Digital Dinosaurs

‘My gift is my song, honey
and this one’s for you...’
(Bernie Taupin from Elton John’s, ‘Your Song’.

Come with us, as we tell the story of the Digital Dinosaurs through their songs:

‘Earpop’: first cassette (circa 1979) - featuring 2 versions of ‘Fingers & Thumbs’ and the Special A. K. A.’s Brad drumming on several tracks.

‘Fingers & Thumbs’/‘Mellow Yellow’: acetate and extremely limited edition white label - a collector has offered £2,000 for a copy of this (through Chuck in the States) but none of us have a copy!

‘New Needles’: cassette - featuring several songs from the first 3-cassettes that feature on the upcoming ‘Armchair Theatre’ and ‘Delectable Detectable’ CD releases from hyped2death and othermusic in the States. The original version of ‘The Sideways Man’ featured here was included on the seminal ‘Peter Paints His Fence’ double E. P. which is very collectable but available now for download.

‘The Final Touch’: cassette - which was intended to be our last release - collects together studio material, out-takes and live stuff.

‘The Bedroom Tapes’: a ‘contractual obligation’ album - but we didn’t have a contract - and this rehearsal/live cassette probably wouldn’t have got us one! The next release might have done ...

‘Huh?’: our ‘concept’ album - and a masterpiece, according to Chuck, which has Marx Brothers and George Formby links between its tracks. ‘Organs’ and ‘Hole’ were both featured on the vinyl compilation album, ‘We Couldn’t Agree On A Title’ which is available for download and can be caught fresh from the net.

‘The Digital Dinosaurs Hit Singles Collection’: a sardonically titled cassette - featuring a mixture of re-recorded classics such as ‘The Sideways Man’ and new material. ‘Music For The Teeth’ and ‘Sheena Easton’ were both featured on another vinyl compilation called, ’No Platform For Heels’ which is also available for download.

The ‘Thre E. P.’: a cassette - featuring 3 tracks, as its title suggests, including our ‘Batman’ song, which sounds like the ‘hit’ we never had!

‘It’s Another Fine Mess From The Digital Dinosaurs’: cassette - featuring ‘Little Russia’ and ‘The Man Who Would Not Live’, which were both pivotal to, and tagged onto, hyped2death’s CD release of the ‘Huh?’ album.

‘When Again Men?’: our swansong cassette - and not our best, though it does feature my first Christmas song, ‘Turkey’. We always used to say after a session, gig or rehearsal; ‘When Again Men ?’ Well, we never really did that again properly as a group after this... (circa 1981).

‘A Mememento From The Digital Dinosaurs’: a cassette collection - featuring the best of the first 2-cassettes, basically. Since then, of course, we’ve had a full ‘Best Of’ in the form of hyped2death’s ‘Extinction’ CD, as well as a re-issue of an expanded ‘Huh?’ CD, as well as the ‘Messthetics’ collections (3 in total) - plus the aforementioned and upcoming ‘Armchair Theatre’ and ‘Delectable Detectable’ CD collections from the States . . . Not bad for a band that nobody wanted to know nearly 30-years ago!!!

Christopher Sidwell – tMx 30 – 06/07