Poetry Corner


C U N T 


aDriFt oN a seA oF trAsH ,

oF mosTLy whiTe traSH ,

mY cunT itchEs –

anD natRaLLy I scraTcH aT iT ,

fiNgerTiPs mEEt moiSt LiPs …

noW wheRe waS I ?

noW wherE aM I  ?

yeS yeS

whiTe traSH

thaT seLLs mE caRs

anD penSioN anD

oraLoVeRprOceSSeDcraP –


medioCraSSy iS beaTinG mY braiN ;

LeT iT raiN anD wasH thiS shiT awaY ,

mY cunT iTcheS .

oH iRRitaTioN

wiLL neVEr curB thE minDleSS raDiaTioN iSSuinG

forTh froM thaT boX.


sO gOOdBYe swEEt meTaphoR

anD chEEriO deaR siMiLe –

wheRe I shaLL gO theRe aiNT nO pOEtrY ,

buT I aM LyinG ;

iT’S noT mY cunT ,

iT’S mY broKeN leG thaT itCheS

anD thE braiN-acHe

thaT coMeS froM tOO mucH unreQuiTeD LoVe aH ,

thE oneS thaT raN aWaY

tO sheLTeR beneAtH a huSBanD

wheN iT mEreLy threaTeneD tO raiN acH

mY braiN !  

Ben Browton (a.k.a. Seymour Bybuss) Sludgeness-On-Sea – tMx 30 – 06/07