Poetry Corner

B R O K E N & C R U T C H I N G

B R O K E N  &  C R U T C H I N G 

a broKeN leG iS a useLeSS iteM –
iT haNGs liKe a dumBcocK
froM mY waiSt .
iN iT’s stUPiD plaSteR-caSTinG
iT sloWs mE doWn
tO g-e-r-i-A-t-r-i-C ploD .
everDaY I riSe anD theRE
iT iS stiLL theRE –
iN aLL waKinG mOmenTs a reMinDeR
oF teN stuPiD seconDs iN a darK hoLe
fuLL oF emptY souLs
foR thirTeeN wEEkS oF eNNui reMinDinG mE
oF mY sTaTuS aS a nObodY ,
anD nothiNg
caN aLLeviaTe  
thE thiCK cruSt oF diSaPPoinTmenT
I suFFeR .

Ben Browton (a.k.a. Seymour Bybuss) Sludgeness-On-Sea – tMx 30 – 06/07