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Over 500-Pages
Over 270-photos & flyers (many previously unseen)
Foreword by TV Smith of the Adverts
Publisher: Punk77 Books
ISBN 13: 978-0-9556583-0-3
Publication date: Available from October 2007

30 years ago on January 1st 1977, the Roxy Club in London’s Covent Garden opened with a gig by the Clash and Chelsea. In April 1978 the doors were shut for the last time.

The nostalgia industry has sold us a view of Punk dominated by the Sex Pistols, Clash, Sid Vicious and the usual suspects.

The Roxy London WC2 redresses this imbalance by drawing together a history of that infamous Punk club. It argues that without the Roxy Club giving Punk a space where bands and fans alike could gather and develop a scene it may never have turned out the way it did.

A club that in its short life span was frequented by all the major faces on the scene. A club that featured nearly every major and minor Punk act of the time including the Clash, Stranglers, Damned, Slits, Adam & the Ants and even the Police. All with stories and incidents to tell including…

The band that blagged their first gig and got featured on a top 20 album

The time Led Zeppelin met the Damned

The story of the psychotic axe wielding Ted bouncer

The day Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69 headlined and cleaned the club so he could buy food

The band that rented out their van as a passion wagon outside the club

The band Blitz enjoying card playing in the early morning with gun toting gangsters and Welsh opera singers

Charlie Harper of the UK Subs forced with 5 other bands to do morning chores as the Farewell to the Roxy tour rolls into the local YMCA

This is the story of a club in the eye of the Punk storm in the words of the bands that played there, the club owners and just as importantly, the club goers who made the place their own. All fully illustrated with dozens of never before seen photographs and fliers.

Evoking the late ‘70s of crap telly, early pub closing and when being a Punk meant being regarded as Public Enemy #1, The Roxy London WC2 captures vividly the music, fashion, attitude, sex and violence of Punk Rock - all against a backdrop of London clubs, gangsters and criminals!


Henry Rollins (Black Flag & Henry Rollins band)

Paul, the book is amazing. The story about Skrewdriver and the Teds is insane. I like the book a lot. It's one hell of a lot of work!

Mark Woodley (Sanctuary compiler and contributor to Last Gang In Town)

“THIS IS A TRULY ASTOUNDING PIECE OF WORK, NO BULLSHIT!!!!!!! The red pen fell out of my mouth as I hit chapter 2 and I spent the next three or so hours with my jaw hanging open...........seriously, this book will be up there in the Top 5 punk books of all time (Last Gang In Town, England’s Dreaming, Please Kill Me, etc)”

The Author:

The author Paul Marko runs the Punk Rock website and interviewed some 150-band members and club goers to research the book.

Interviews & Images:

Requests for interviews, further information or possible free use of images from the book should be directed to the contact details below.

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Direct from the author through the official Roxy Club book website:

Punk77 Books, 104 Lenthay Road, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 6AG - Tel: 01935 389894

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