CARBON/SILICON – “The News EP” [Carbon Silicon]


CARBON/SILICON – “The News EP” [Carbon Silicon]

For the last few years Mick Jones and Tony James have been quietly creating music as Carbon/Silicon, only releasing their steady output via their website. They've also gigged sporadically, moving from a BAD-ish DJ-interface to a more direct rock attack.

Now they move up a notch with their first release on CD. And it's great. The title track is sheer Jones magic in the staccato, double-tracked vocals, light melodic touches and classic guitar barrages. Him and Tony go back to 1975 and the bond shows: as the classic riff from 'Why Do Men Fight' belts out it's 'Street Fighting Man'/Flamin' Groovies clarion call you realise there's a bond here and they really sound like they're having a blast. Now Leo Williams is on bass, locking with drummer Reef on a surging metronomic groove-rock, there's no stopping them. 'I Loved You' is more reflective with moody 'Rapture'-bells, while 'Ignore Alien Orders' - the slogan on Strummer's old guitar - rams it home.

These songs lodge like Clash - B.A.D. rockers. A rousing triumph and cause for celebration.

Kris Needs – tMx 29 – 04/07