The Rampton Release Date

The Rampton Release Date

The Rampton Release Date

Rampton Release Date sleeve

The Rampton Release Date have been dropping demos into the tMx Bunker on a fairly regular basis over the past couple of years. Debuting with the uber-political-correctness of “My Dad’s A Spastic, My Life’s Fucking Fantastic”, one by one the self-serving-media-nodes that occupy said subterranean chamber fell under their spell like 2-year old toddlers disappearing under the back of a bus at a particularly dangerous depot. “This Suicide Is Costing Me Money” only made things worse. It was a disgusting exhibition of neglect, & we loved it! By the time “2 Shovels 1 Hole” (see Dee Generate’s Cultural Confessional) arrived, we were almost beside ourselves with admiration.

Guy Debored’s favourite Rampton Release Date song is: “I Am The Bullet”!

Guy Debored ‘caught up’ with Dudley’s finest to bring you this:

trakMARX - Welcome to the humble pages of tMx. Where are you & what are you at right now?

RRD - Thank you very much . . . I’m in my toilet . . . doing our first . . . hopefully, not last . . . interview!

trakMARX - The Rampton Release Date is very effective moniker. It subtly suggests that some of your members may be a little deranged. Is there any substance to this blatantly general assumption?

RRD - Hmmm! Similar Venue . . . different gig! I’ve been somewhere for drink problems . . . not mental problems . . . taken off the streets! Somewhere along the line, at some point . . . I’m sure I’ve had a complete breakdown . . . only just been too fucked to realize it! Between a hard rock and a park bench! Ha-ha! I recon Tim & Si are insane . . . it’s just that they haven’t been officially diagnosed yet.

trakMARX - You all look old enough to have had a 'bit of previous'! What are your individual histories? And how did you come to unite under the Rampton banner?

RRD - Me and Simon have know each other years and been in & out of bands-some together, got loads of madness on old tapes and that. Tim was in a band when he was very young in the 90s called Genital Deformities who did some records. A couple of years ago after having had my quota of anything and everything going . . . I decided to put a proper group together and knock out some of this shit. Simon knew Tim from another band . . . so we poached him.

trakMARX - Drum machines - some bloke called Ben - & now this Tim geezer pitches up out of nowhere. Have we ironed out those drum stool issues now?

RRD - There never was any‘Ben’, really . . . it was just myself playing a cheap Yamaha drum machine with the pads on . . . not too good . . . but with the high mix of guitar and Si’s bass . . . it gave it a realistic feel of proper drums with mistakes in. The ‘This Suicide Is Costing Me Money’demo is also drum machine . . . only programmed to sound like a real drummer with the odd mistake or hit not perfect. It took ages to find Tim . . . actually, there’s a serious shortage of Drummers out there (good ones anyway)! ‘2 Shovels 1 Hole’ is the first to feature Drums. We’ve been together ages with Tim, really . . . it’s just that we didn’t rush into recording . . . wanted to rock your head properly off.

trakMARX - Busting out of Dudley, West Midlands!! What's yr local scene like? Anyone-else worth looking out for?

RRD - There’s a healthy music scene in & around Dudley . . . but for me, it’s the wrong type of music! Seems to be a lot of Death/Thrash Metal or Indie . . . which is OK . . . but it’s shit for us to get gigs with people round here. It’s like sticking Slayer with the Strokes . . . while I can listen to both bands . . . they’re not really going to work on the same bill. There seems to be a healthier scene where you are in Coventry! Some cracking bands who you’ve recommended . . . like Mantra Sect and Dragster . . . y’know, different . . . but not a million miles away from ourselves in sound.

trakMARX - Gigwise: who have you played out with recently? Anyone you rated? Any venue or crowd or happening that's made you go all weak at the bowels?

RRD - We’re very much playing the toilet circuit . . . with a lot of toilet traders! A band from Birmingham called Slab who we played with at the Barfly had some cracking riffs going on . . . they’ve been about the best.

trakMARX - Punk Rock Experimental Extraordinaires - that's quite a mouthful - could you define it for us in terms of influence, aesthetic & ideal?

RRD - Fuck me, this is the one! It’s hard to say a direct influence with all the different stuff out there over the years. Some of my best times fucked out my face have been listening to Gaye Bykers on Acid, Bomb Party, Contortions, Slayer, D.R.I, Godflesh, Ministry, Stranglers, Voivod, Unsane, helmet, Butthole Surfers, Dark Angel, Tad, Nirvana, mudhoney, killdozer, big black, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin. I’ve got to be honest . . . I didn’t really listen to much for a few years . . . just whatever people use to bring round our mates house/Refuge. It was like a right time warp - some right hippy shit . . . like Kalidescope? Or something like that . . . and Massive Attack, with the dope! Only the last couple of years I’ve been listening to stuff again . . . I don’t want to sound a miserable cunt . . . but I don’t think there’s a lot out there . . . fuck all, really! I think there’s a lot of half-arsed stuff out there . . . for some reason, loads of average death metal. I don’t mind the good stuff . . . and there’s loads of this‘Stoner Rock’bollocks . . . which is just a phrase for lack of imagination and originality . . . people should have their guitars confiscated! Queens of the Stone Age are great . . . but not 10,000 versions of them! At the moment there’s 10,000 sunn o)))s . . . or 10,000 Khanates! It’s not hard to do something a bit different . . . there’s no excuse!

trakMARX - You're currently on your 3rd set of demos - with "2 Shovels 1 Hole" being your strongest set yet - are you happy with the way your sound is growing? - & what have reactions from the outside world been like? Any labels interested?

RRD - Yeah, it’s definitely better. I think having Tim on drums has given it a different angle. He sometimes puts a beat to a riff that I wouldn’t expect . . . and it gives me another angle with the vocals . . . almost new wave! So far, everyone that’s listened to us had been positive . . . which is great. Anticulture Records were interested . . . but didn’t want to make a record which was a bit odd . . . but it is mainly metal/death type stuff, so they probably didn’t know what to do with it! Steev (who owns the label) actually joined the band for a while on 2nd guitar . . . but it didn’t work out with him having loads of other work: label, etc, commitments, etc! Great guy and guitarist . . . but no time. Something tells me that we shouldn’t really have gone separate ways with someone who owns a record label, though!

trakMARX - What constitutes success to the Rampton Release Date?

RRD - It’s a great buzz when someone says the gig was great . . . and you know they’re not lying! Success for me is getting a great record out knowing it’s a killer . . . something that will be played for years . . . not something that sounds dated in a couple of years! Give it your best with what you’ve got!

trakMARX - Where next for the Rampton Release Date?

RRD - Just keep doing what we’re doing, music wise . . . inflict ourselves on more people . . . and get an album out.

Guy Debored – tMx 29 – 04/07