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Lords Of Chaos
Legalize Murder
sunn0))) Worship
Bloody Panda
Redemption Song – XXXXXX XXXX
Carla The Evangelista – Dee Generate
Carlo Gesualdo – Brian Williams
A Tale Of Texas Treason – Alex Ogg
Cramps At Napa State – Dick Porter
Iggy Mania – Kris Needs
James Brown RIP – Kris Needs
Enter Grinderman – Kris Needs
Heebie Jeebies At CBGBs – Brian Young
Loose Change
More Messthetics
Nobody Wants Us
Get Down With Dave Adair
Piskie Sits
In Rehearsal With The Duel
LIVE: TV Smith v The Briefs
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trakMARX 28 - March 2007 - The Spring Collection