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Piskie Sits – I’ve Got Something To Tell You: I’ve Not Been Well!

Jean Encoule talks to Northern tykes Piskie Sits as they set about unleashing their corking debut LP, “The Secret Sickliness” (Wrath Records), on an unsuspecting & largely ambivalent populace:

trakMARX - Tell us a little about Craig Hale's 'Piskie' & how it became the inspiration for Piskie Sits moniker.

PISKIES - Craig has a love of Cornwall from his childhood holidays down there. A few members of the band and friends regularly go down and one time they brought everyone back a little silver piskie (Cornish for pixie) sat on a toadstool, which is a good luck charm. So the band’s name really comes from that. Craig has carried one around for years.

trakMARX - There is nothing as heroic in this industry as holding down a day job at the same time as creating heroic music. We understand Craig has a post round - how do the rest of you make ends meet presently?

PISKIES - We all gotta work to live! Music is our lives, so we have to sacrifice a lot of time to make the band work and function. We all have jobs. Like you said Craig H is a postie, Duncan and Craig N both work in record shops, Nick chops down trees for the council, Al fits kitchens and Mark is a Chef.

trakMARX - Tell us about the birth of Piskie Sits & it's components previous experience.

PISKIES - We all got together cos we are all really good friends - and have a love for the same sort of music. We have been going for a few years now and there have been a few line up changes. We’ve all played in different bands over the years - but Craig H, Mark & AL have been in Piskie Sits since the birth. Craig N plays in another brilliant band called The Old House. We have known Nick for a while. He was playing in another band which split up so we said: “right, grab him”, he’s ours now. Duncan just joined us a couple of weeks ago, but we’ve all known him for a while and he’s spot on. He’s a fully-fledged member now.

trakMARX - Press compiled influence lists associated to Piskie Sits currently cite Pavement, Sebadoh & various other slackers as the fuel that fires your sound. Collectively, have we overlooked anyone pertinent in this department?

PISKIES - We are all into loads of different types of music - but weirdly we all love the same stuff. There is no denying that we love those bands and that it does come across in our music - but we don’t mean to sound like them, it just happens. It must be a subconscious thing. We love everything from Marvin Gaye to The Butthole Surfers - as long as it sounds good and means something. We can listen to anything and get something from it.

trakMARX - How did you hook up with Wrath?

PISKIES - We made a four-track-demo called “50’s Greaser Uniform” and Steve from Wrath got his dirty little hands on it - and he loved it. He signed us up from there.

trakMARX - What do you make of the public's reactions to Piskie Sits thus far?

PISKIES - It’s been really good. We’ve had a load of people telling us how much they love the album and that they like our songs. All along the way, from putting our first demo’s out, right up to the present, people have been encouraging us and have been really interested in the music and the band. It’s been cool, we feel honoured that people are actually interested.

trakMARX - With your excellent debut LP, "The Secret Sickliness", in the can & ready to go - what are your expectations of success?

PISKIES - We want to be able to make enough money so we can quit our jobs and do this all the time. That is probably what we want, to be able to do the thing we all love all the time would be outstanding. Apart from that, we don’t really have any expectations or aspirations. We make the music we love to play - if other people like it - then that’s great. It’s a great feeling when someone’s into the stuff you play - it makes it worthwhile.

trakMARX - In retrospect, was the whole 'New Yorkshire' scene stuff helpful or disingenuous in the long run? Responsible journalism? Or typical industry construct-ion?

PISKIES - There are good bands everywhere. It was just the media/industry construction focusing on 1-area because the Artic Monkeys blasted a hole in the industry at the time and everyone knows they like to pigeon hole everything. It was good for the bands that were up and coming at the time. They got the media attention. If it wasn’t Yorkshire it would have been somewhere else. It was good because it put a focus on the area. But it didn’t help us in any sort of way because we weren’t really part of that scene.

trakMARX - "What's The Point?" is my favourite track on "The Secret Sickliness". What's yours (respectively)?


  • AL - “WITCHES”

As you can tell we can’t agree on anything.

trakMARX - And finally, where next for Piskie Sits?

PISKIES - We’ll we are playing loads of gigs to support the release of the album (check our myspace for gigs:


We are also going into the studio to record a song for Louder Than Bombs Records - for a compilation that’s coming out later in the year. We are really looking forward to that ‘cos they’ve got some fantastic bands putting songs forward for it. We are gonna be busy little bees, just got to get our heads down, write some new material - and see what happens.

Jean Encoule – tMx 28 – 02/07
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