Loose Change

Loose Change

Loose Change

To this date, anyone who questions the Bush administration’s version of the events of 9/11 is instantly labelled a conspiracy theorist. What Loose Change establishes – unequivocally, in my book - is that the only conspiracy theorists involved in the history that has been hastily thrown up around what actually took place on the morning of September 11, 2001, are the US Government themselves!

Call me a Commie-loving-democracy-hating wacko if you will, but I have never – no, scrub that – NEVER – believed any of the following statements:

JFK was killed by a lone-gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald.

Princess Diana died as a result of a simple car accident.

One of the 9/11 hijackers was identified when his passport was recovered from Ground Zero.

Are we singing from the same hymn-sheet here?

Loose Change – a movie made by three US twenty-somethings: Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe & Jason Berman – has so far been seen by over 4,000,000 viewers on Google Video & as many as 50-million viewers in a 12-country media blitz that went out on 11/09/06. Add to this the 100,000 copies sold independently - & the 50,000 copies given away FOC - & you can begin to see why Loose Change is fast becoming the phenomena the Bush administration forgot to factor in. Thus far, Loose Change’s audience figures worldwide stand in excess of 100 million viewings!

Loose Change was originally realised as a 30-minute short constructed entirely on a Compaq Presario back in April 2005. The second draft – the version currently available for viewing at the official Loose Change website (see link at foot of feature) – runs for 90-minutes - & was completed in September of 2005. Currently under production is another draft - Loose Change: The Final Cut – which is under production as I type – this time using a suitably upgraded Power Mac G5 & a handy posse of lawyers – ahead of its Cannes Film Festival launch later this year.

The current Google version of Loose Change calmly strips away layer after layer of the official version of events before your eyes. Avery’s passive, unwavering commentary is laced with sarcasm & disbelief: Still think that’s what went down? Check this!

“Was 9/11 the work of 19-Arabs with box-cutters – or an assault on the minds of it’s own people carried out by the American Government themselves”

As the makers of Loose Change themselves ask the viewer, by way of conclusion: now you are armed with the information, what will you do with it? Can the Bush administration continue to fight off phalanx after phalanx of Information Warriors indefinitely? Or will the wheels of industry simply turn & turn again until the protagonists have disappeared into the ether along with the recorded evidence & the swag? Only regime change in the US itself will facilitate that kind of honesty - & whaddya know? – Hilary Clinton has just announced her intention to run for the office of the US Presidency at the next election. What goes around comes around?

We’ll have to wait & see!

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