• Al Cisernos – bass/voice
  • Chris Hakius – drums

OM like the odd puff, it must be said. Having previously plied their wares within the hazy confines of Sleep, legendary DOOM pioneers & prestigious consumers of copious amounts of Marijuana, this can hardly be viewed as a revelation. Sleep’s stoner classic “Dopesmoker” – a close mate of Electric Wizzard’s “Dopethrone” – remains the epitome of hemp-assisted heaviness to this day. Following Sleep’s demise, Cisernos & Hakius wasted little time forming OM.

Following a brace of LPs for Holy Mountain: “Variations on a Theme" (2004) & "Conference of the Birds" (2005) - & a split 10” with Current 93 - “Inerrant Rays of Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder)” (Neurot Recordings) – OM have recently become the latest signing to Southern Lord Records – home of sunn0))), Boris, etc - & plans are now in place to record a new LP at Electric Audio with Steve Albini at the controls for release later this very year.

Championed by none less than the Arch Drude, himself (Julian Cope), OM create an enormous slab of sound for a two-piece! Cisernos’ gargantuan bass sound snakes in & out of Hakius’ crash & ride abuse like an eel in a swimming pool full of Swarfega. Chant-like vocals deliver mystical lyrics full of portent – the resultant inspirational dirge is nothing but hypnotic.

Considering that the average OM track lasts around 15-minutes (in the case of the 1st two-LPs: 21.16 + 11.56 + 11.52 + 15.55 + 17.27 divided by 5, math fans) the fact that boredom simply refuses to set in at any time throughout the lengthy proceedings is the ultimate testament to the magik power of OM.

OM: soundtrack to the End Of Days. Devine deliverance?

Jean Encoule – tMx 28 – 01/07
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