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Encoule’s View

It was amusing to read Bono Vox spouting forth in The Observer (OMM41) about his ‘greatest gig of all time’:

“Can't remember the set list, can't remember much about the music, to be honest. I just know that everything changed that night, and I'm sure it was not just for me. Year zero. The shock of the new, where everything reconfigured. The venue was the exam hall of Trinity College, founded by Bishop Berkeley 300 odd years previously ... the man who spent his entire existence trying to prove the existence of existence. I'm not kidding. He also had a corner of San Francisco named after him. Other reconfigurations, other revolts.

It wasn't so much a musical event. It was more like the Red Army had arrived, on a cold October night, to force-feed a new cultural revolution, punk rock. Marching boots and the smell of sulphur. Not weed or speed but fear, fear of the future, no future. And the delight, so much delight. All kinds of symbols pinned on jackets, some ridiculous swastikas, Red Brigade t-shirts, hand made knock-offs of extremely expensive Seditionaries threads from London. But as there was a war going on 100-miles from here, in a strange way, the Clash made more sense in Dublin than anywhere.

As I sat in the box room and stared out of the window the next day, it was very clear. The world is more malleable than you think; reality is what you can get away with.”

Bono Vox

The next day, as I sat pondering Bono’s comments in the East Wing, staring out over a landscape that has intrinsically altered little since its original creation at the hands of Inigo Jones, back in 1623, I was struck by the inherent historical inaccuracies of his statement:

“All kinds of symbols pinned on jackets, some ridiculous swastikas, Red Brigade t-shirts...”

Erm, can I just stop you there a minute, Bono?

Now, when you say: ‘Red Brigade t-shirts’ - do you mean like the one Joe Strummer (The Clash) wore onstage at Victoria Park in 1978?

And – and I do hate to be pedantic here, but - do you mean the Italian left-wing terror organisation that shot to infamy after kidnapping, torturing, & finally, executing, the then Italian prime-minister, Aldo Moro – again, in 1978?

That Red Brigage?

Brigate Rosse?

Thought so.

At the risk of being presumptuous, Bono, you vertically-challenged-warbler-of-pseudo-truth, you - but maybe what you actually attended all those years ago was a Doctor Who Convention! Have you ever thought about it like that? I’m not kidding! That would explain all the time-travel!!

Of course, the other explanation is that you’re a bullshitter!

This is what Wikipedia has to say on the subject:

“Bullshit (often abbreviated to BS) is a common expletive. Its most common usage is as a description of incorrect, misleading or false language and statements. In a literal meaning, it means the feces of a bull. As with many expletives, it can be used as an interjection (or in many other parts of speech) and can carry a wide variety of meanings.

As it contains the word "shit", the term is sometimes considered foul language, hence the use of the euphemistic abbreviations "bull" and "BS". However the term is prevalent in American English and, as with many words, the term is used in a variety countries, some dating back to approximately the same era WWI. In British English, bollocks is a comparable expletive.

While bullshitting and bullshit can be used in a deprecating sense, the term 'bullshit artist' may imply a measure of respect for the skill required to bullshit effectively. It is by no means necessary to be inaccurate or wrong to be bullshitting, simply being overly pompous, presumptuous, or putting on excessively academic airs, may also be labelled in some cultural subgroups as bullshitting.”

‘Simply being overly pompous’: seems like they wrote it especially for you, Bono!

So, in summary, we can add the word ‘bullshitter’ to the words ‘cunt’ & ‘baldy’ from now on, can we?

“People are more gullible than you’d think, my reality is what I can get away with!”

Good lad! See me after school for a bit of work on that definition of the word ‘honest’.

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