A Parade Of Dusty Old Industrial Record Sleeves


A Industrial Parade Of Dusty Old Industrial Record Sleeves

Greetings, coffin pickers, Rare Ray Shirts here, Miami’s only true socialist merch vendor! The good news is: I’m back on the outside!

Following a failed career in the used flick knife market - & a subsequent 18-month stretch for intent to supply a dangerous weapon - I’m now looking to move into the crowded but lucrative LA Death Metal Beachwear market - you gotta believe me - kids are prepared to die for that kinda toweling!

In the meantime, I’m keeping the wolf from the door with the odd journalistic assignment, hence my debut here in the hallowed pages of tMx! Encoule asked – nee begged – me to have a bit of a shufty through the old record box that time forgot to extract & compile an industrial parade of dusty old record sleeves. So, without further ado, buff up your preconceptions & come & have look at the archaeology in this here trench, Tony!

Industrial News

Smash Hits or Industrial News? The big dilemma back in the day.

TG IR003

This is like the Planet Rock of 'Industrial Music'.


And all the lyrics are in the above slim journal.

The Leather Nun - Slow Death EP

The rocking sounds of The Leather Nun

Leer & Rental - The Bridge

Leer and Rental in the area - class stuff


Ok, if you get your nose pierced...

TG Adrenalin

Late model camo sleeves

TG Something Came Over Me

'Something Came Over Me' - does Genesis really write all of Elton Johns lyrics

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