100 Punk Sleeves

100 punk record sleeves

100 Punks – A Parade Of Dusty Old Record Sleeves Special

Johnny Deluxe’s 100 Punks have begun to take on a life of their own this year. So much so, we thought it would be a spiffing ruse to assign each of the 100 with a Punk Rock record of their own.


There is talk of taking this 100 thing to it’s logical conclusion & producing an artyfact for you lot to hold close to your chest on these increasingly chillsome nights & treasure. We’d very much like to tell you all about it now – but discussions are still progressing - & if we did tell you now some bunch of cunts (what-ho, Greedo!) would only go & steal the idea & smeg it up in some half-cocked appropriation of someone else’s idea, as usual. So fuck ‘em. Think of your own ideas.

So, my little punk wavers, take a stroll with us now through the record box that time forgot - & remember – Everthing’s For Sale, Baby!


Suburban Kid – tMx 27 – 11/06
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