Poetry Corner

poetry corner

P A r A D i S E

P A r A D i S E

- iT’S aLL heRe, iT’S aLL haPPening & YeT I’m A douGhNuT ,
tWicE tOO muCH drEAMinG, gLEaMinG anD prEvaRicaTing suDDenLY
THere’s A teaR anD A teAr aS thE wriNKleS sEt iN :
( i’M tOO igNOranT tO surVEy & beGiN ) .

thIS muSt bE paRADise ?

- thAt coRRosiOn, thiS expLOsiON anD we’re FroZen wiTh heAT
iN a dreSS thaT’S tOO shORt wHerE a winG uSeD tO beAt ,
i’M LyinG, aS usUaL, wiTH a StiFF necK uNdeR thE shEEt .

thIS coULd bE paRAdiSe ?

- eAgLE-biRD-woMAn-LoVer-moTHer fLeW awaY tO ThE eaSt
CLutcHinG sceNT anD a phOTOgraPh ,
eagLe-cLaW-mAn-LoveR sTayED puT, grEW thiNNeR & reMAinEd
a bEASt-eaTinG maRRow LooKinG foR a PatH.

wHen iS paRAdiSe ?

- anoTHEr moUthFuL oF tEA anD wisTfuL piSSeduP suMMer memORieS ,
stiCkinG iT iN tO avOiD thAt diseASe & noT eveN saYinG pLeaSe ,
pREtenDing aT sHe’S anD squEEziNG fLeaS anD asPHyXiaTinG 
bY deGReeS .

yoU’re tEAsiNg mE LifE – thERe iS nO paraDiSe . 
Ben Browton – tMx 27 – 11/06
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