Poetry Corner

poetry corner

O – r e S t L e S S s P i r i T

O  –  r e S t L e S S  s P i r i T

aroUnD iN saTin & siLKs ...

                                                thE trEE-toPs quivER
                                                aS thE wOrld groWs cOLd ,
                                                anD thE LasT saLe barGaiN
                                                reMaiNs unSoLd ;
                                                uNtoLD MiserY foR thE gRoiN .

uN-QuiEt mYsteRy kEEps iT’s hoLd
                                                                oN thE brAiN ,
anD aLL thiS whOOshiNg 
                                                                iS a reFraiN
                                                                oR a LiTanY
                                                                tO grIEf ?

wHen tHe sKiN expAndS wiTH thE LoGiC oF trUth :
hoW cAn  thiS drEAM peRsuaDe thE aLooF
                                                                tO parTaKe ?
Ben Browton – tMx 27 – 11/06
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