Poetry Corner

poetry corner

m i N u T e s b E c O m E s P a g H E t t i

m i N u T e s   b E c O m E  s P a g H E t t i

soM e pArtS oF thiS wOrLD coLLapSinG –
                                                                           reLapSinG ,
GriTTinG mY tEEth aGAInsT thaT griNdinG AgaiN .
                         SwOOpinG & wHorEing
                               sinGinG & whiNgEinG 
faR-fLunG anD sCREaminG foR a toY tO crUSH iN thiS haNd .

MinUTes beCome spagHeTTi anD thE heAd tuRNs tO duST
iT’s  onLy oN thE iCe thaT thE stORy brEEds LuSt ...
                        sinGinG & driNKinG
                        anD swiNGinG a cAt ,
                        aLwaYs eaSieR wiTh aniMALS
                        wHeN iT coMEs tO thE CRap –

                        FuCKinG heLLo !

whY dOes iT ALWAYs taKe yeaRS ?
tO  sPiLL tHE  saLTiesT oF  TeaRs ?
driPPinG doWn  toWarDs  LiNo ,
ouTbuRsT oF thE AnCienT winO ...

rumPLED  CRUmpleD  stUMPleD anD duMPLeD
thiS monstROUS hoBBy = heaT iN thE LoBBy ,
                                              crYinG foR boBBy
                                             anD tuRNinG a bLinD 
eyE ruN awaY tO thE MOUNtaiNs ,
tO sEEk a LiTtLe SOLacE
oR perHAPs tO faLL fROm GRacE –
                                                                 juSt kEEp oN caLLinG mE
                                                                                                  ANgeL .

anD NoW ,
iT faLLs qUiET saVe thE riOT iN mY hEAD inDiCatinG
thAt I shOULD gO tO beD bUt 
i caN’t yEt buY iT –
it’S NoT thAt iT coSTs tOO muCH
it’S juSt THaT iT rOtS ,
anD i spoTTeD thAt YeaRs aGo
whEN i stiLL hAd KnotS
iN mY haiR wHERE a popLAR trEE grOWs ...
mY UndoiNg ,
mY LiFe and
yoUR NoSe . 
Ben Browton – tMx 27 – 11/06
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