Poetry Corner

poetry corner

e A R t H - b o U n D

e A R t H  -  b o U n D

wE maKe thEsE TinY aDjusTmeNts tO kEEp Us oN cOurSe ,
anD iF thIs wOrKs , dO wE Ever kNow ?
fOr deStinAtionS LiE iN tHe fuTurE ...

                                                               wE HoPe ,
                                                               proPeLLinG oUrseLvES
                                                               tOWardS cHanCe :

cHaoS aNd orDer aWaiTinG thEir tuRn
oUR exiStenCe bOUndeD bY wHat wE caN LearN ,

                                                               sinKinG & sWiMMinG &
                                                               sWiMMinG & sinKinG –

wiDe-eYeD ,
forEvEr blinKinG .
Ben Browton – tMx 27 – 11/06
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