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poetry corner

diE scHöN – naChT

diE  scHöN – naChT

TwOaLonEtOgetHeraTLaSt –
frEE froM tHe ReStricTiOns oF thAt rEaL worLd
anD eXpoSinG
PrediLiCTionS foR tRutH ...


tHe ruDDy skY 
anD OnE eYe thAt waS chRisteneD
‘ sTaR ‘ .


heR haNd
hiS shoULdeR ,
tHeY LaziLy cheWeD tHe MintLeaF
anD diSSaPPeareD iNsidE –
thE coUnT nD hiS briDE ...
sHe woRe hiS bOOts .


tHe beD , thE niGhT , tHe LoVeRS –
tHe tauTneSS oF nuDitY anD thE druMMing oF heARTS ,
inStinctiVe paSSioN guiDinG
chArgeD anD sprUnG thEsE ediFiCes
beCamE aS OnE iN a wriTHinG coMpLiCAteD aERObaTiC
oF shEEr eneRgY ;
sYnchroNiseD moVingS Of pLeaSurE
eCsTaTic aNd sO dEEp aS tO StiR thE veRY fOUnDaTioNs ...

aN eCStaTiC tiDe oF acTioN
burStinG veSSeLs 
anD DriVinG iN tHe weDgE ,
tOO fasT
tOO muCh
tOO sOOn oVeR anD oVeR
iNsiDe anD OuT
iNsidE oUt
anD thE ShouTinG intO tHe beaUTifuL wiNd ;
“ t e N d E R ! “ , “ t e N d E R ! “ , “ t e N d E R ! “ ,
- anOthEr TimE iS misPLacEd
pLuNGinG fRom thiS cLiFFtoP foreVeR ...
scHöNscHöNscHöN .
Ben Browton – tMx 27 – 11/06
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