Poetry Corner

poetry corner

c R e T e

c R e T e

tO finD tenDerNeSS
iN a bED oF thOrnS ,

tO bE haPPy uPoN
tHe bULLs HOrnS –

siNgbAnG !
siNgbAnG !
anD thEsE stuPid hUmaN piG-WaLLowERs .

worST eNemY beiNg psyCHe –
nO loNgeR MinE
( bUt aS thE roUnD-A-bOUt) ,
yoUrS ThaT mAkeS mE LiViDpiNk ...
visCeraL , buT EXterioR ;

yOu shRiveLLerS
gtoVeLLerS anD hoVeLLerS –
reVeLLinG iN yOuR sHiT-hOLe ,
wOrLds paSS beHinD youR NAKed bAcK
anD foRtH yOu sTruT iN meAninGLeSS .
Ben Browton – tMx 27 – 11/06
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