Poetry Corner

poetry corner

c o N N e C T i O n S a n D e L e V A t i o N S

c o N N e C T i O n S  a n D  e L e V A t i o N S

BUrnIng A sIMpLe phRasE ...
thiS leADs tO A kiNd
   oF mUTe unDERstAnDiNg
   oF arOUNd 3% ;
STrikInG wHiLe thE IRoN iS hoT
anD enJOYinG anYthiNG thAt iS
noT liKeLy tO enDANgeR LiFe .


wE siNg ,
anD bY siNGinG :
eXPoSe thiS preDiLiCtioN foR trUtH –
dO NoT spARe a THougHT foR mY panOPLy
- iT’s hiStoRY aS sOOn aS iT enTeRs 
yoUR sluGGisH miNd
i Do’Nt.


thE CAStLe oN mY heaD
iS EXpreSSeD aS a FUNctioN
anD theReBy enJoYs 
aN enVIAble rePuTaTioN 
foR jOiNiNg emPtiNeSS
tO a seNTenCe . tHiS LEadS
tO thE WasTreLanD oF thE piED-NOir ...


ENtranCe ,
nO sTanCe ,
bLuE DreAm .
Ben Browton – tMx 27 – 11/06
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