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B R a v E n E w G i r L

B R a v E  n E w  G i r L

BRavE nEw GirL –
THis winTer beinG OveR mEanS
tHat a neW tRaiL maY Be bLazeD ,
bUrninG wiTh LiGht aNd ScaLing neW heighTs ...
THis houSe wiLL noW OnLy seRve aS A tenT
thE CurTaiN oF GLOOm haS bEEn renT .

BRavE nEw GirL –
FeeLinG GiDDy wiTh thE thriLL oF iT aLL ,
TouchEd bY a nEW DESire
tHat haS loDgeD iTseLf
dEEp iN hER heART –
siNgéd bY A DARk fiRe
tHat SmouLdeRs iN heaLtH
anD moaNs aS iT weePs iN hEr heART .

BRavE nEw GirL –
reJecTinG thE blanKetS oF sOrrOw
tHaT stiFLeD heR eYefuLLs oF jOy ,
heR paSSioN noW LiGHts uP tOmoRRow
LaMenT waS tHaT LoNg-broKeN toY ...

BRavE nEw GirL –
UnVeiLinG A neW paTH tO frEEdoM
sCulpTuraL dreaMs oF hEr pOweR ,
tHe floWerS anD prAiseS arE heAPed oN
tHe tOmb oF heR fiNaL hoUR ,
tHe tOmb oF heR fiNaL hoUR . 
Ben Browton – tMx 27 – 11/06
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