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This Is Pop

This Is Pop

This Is Pop hail from Paris, France. The country that brought you Stinky Toys, Metal Urbain & Cheveu! This Is Pop pimp electronically propelled Punk without the aid of a safety net. Jean Encoule points them in your general direction. Watch out! They may go off in your face. Chapeau!

This is This Is Pop:

trakMARX - How are you - where are you - & what are you up to this fine day?

S - Well, doing fine in front of this computer... Nothing in particular, enjoying the rain on Paris...!

M - In bed, waiting for a gig.

L - Paris, preparing the next action...

trakMARX - This Is Pop is a corking moniker. Any inference to the XTC song of the same name?

S - Corking Moniker...? Well, ok... No, there ain’t any links with the XTC song - or it was chosen in an unconscious way (we knew this song, but we’re not really fans of XTC). So, what else about this name? It can be an inference to Pop art, to pop music, to fake music, and also to real life. Find your own signification...!

M - I don't know XTC, pop is blowing bubbles, bubbles in the air...

L - I don't know this song before creating our band.

trakMARX - If musical influences are colours - what have you got in your pallet?

S, M & L - A lot of red, black and pink. And a little of yellow and green - if you know what we mean!

trakMARX - What do the words PUNK & ROCK mean to you?

S - Rock is a guitar amp volume at 5. Punk is 8. And we like to play at 11. Correct?

L - Punk Rock is like do it your self and be the actor of the life, don't wait. This is punk rock, this is policy (political action).

trakMARX - Tell us about the birth of This Is Pop.

S, M & L - We’ve started the band in November 2005 (so happy birthday This Is Pop !). We just wanted to do a band with a synth, a drum machine and a guitar. Punk rock and electronic influences, nothing was really prepared, even if we knew we wanted to sound like Motorhead meets Kraftwerk...! We wrote one song the day of our first rehearsal and decided to go on. And, we’re still here now!

trakMARX - What's the French underground scene like for struggling young unsigned groups in 2006?

S, M & L - Sorry, we don't understand this question.

trakMARX - Are there any successful kool French groups you admire as roll models?

M - I don't really have models. . . but I love the Dead Kas Product, Ruth, and of course the great Berurier Noir too...

L - Not as roll models - but I like French bands like Frustration, Volt, Sexy Sushi, la Rumeur, Pravda...

S - There ain’t any succesfull French bands we really like, we’re more into underground stuff. And, to quote a few, we like Johnny Boy, Volt, Frustration, Factory Girl, etc. And, last but not least, totally electronic band, we like Neonbirds (love’em) and Clearcom (Francilien represent).

trakMARX - France is chucking up some excellent new young groups right now - yourselves, Cheveu & Johnny Boy - to name but three. Why France - & why now?

L - I think it's simply easier to know French bands with myspace now. There's a lot of great bands in France - and also in other countries that we can know now with the new technology of communication! It was more difficult before. For example: Coffee and Cigarettes is a band from Nantes - no gigs but a myspace.

S - Thanks for your appreciation! But don’t know why... maybe is it because we don’t like French music at all...

M - I think it has more too do with social problems and boredom... and we've got a lot in France right now.

trakMARX - Have you got any product in the pipeline & - if so - where can we get hold of it?

S - Yes we do have five or six new songs recorded and mixed. It has to be mastered now, and to be released. Certainly in November. We do have a label in France, but as we’re not really focused on France, it can be released otherwise. Interested?

trakMARX - Where next for This Is Pop?

S - We have to play in Paris on Friday.

M - We also have gigs in UK in a few weeks: 31/10 in Manchester (FictionNonFiction Club @ Tigerlounge) - 2/11 in Glasgow with Motormark (Club Olum @ Classic Grand) - maybe a gig in Edinburgh too...

L - We want to play, more and more and more. Always in movement.

Jean Encoule – tMx 27 – 11/06
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