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Meet Eater

Finally headed out to the Spice of Life after taking a wrong turn and walking half a mile in the wrong direction. Phoned ahead so liquid was waiting on arrival. When I finally got there, it had started raining, so knackered and a little worse for wear from starting drinking some hours earlier (well you got to, aint ya? this is Punk Rock :) Alan had got the beer for the OPG and made some introductions that didn't quite register.

Then it dawned on me, I was sitting with Roadent (roadie for the Clash, Sex Pistols, Siouxsie), Ray Stevenson (Photographer who recorded as it happened back in the day) and George X (friend of the best band ever). If I just sat there and chatted to these guys all night it would have been a night to remember. Along with these guys I met Tara who if you dont know her is an amazing looking woman, and Loki and his Son from MySpace. Fu*k if I had been sitting drinking with these people 30 years ago, the Sex Pistols would been on the next table!

Anoraky (a punk rock anorak like us all :) joined us latter and we headed of to the 100 club to see Eater. They had not played together for 30 years, and I had a feeling this was going to be a special night. I knew some faces would be there, but I was not expecting as many as there was.

Almost immediately I got there I was chatting with Brian James (original Damned guitarist) and his wife. Really down to earth, interesting couple (Pic: Tara, Brian, Brian's Wife). I decided earlier I was going to try to record this event, so I wondered around taking random pictures of some of the most incredible people you are going to see. Don Letts (DJ, Film Producer), Gaye Advert (Bass player of the Adverts and a lovely woman), Spizz (if you have to ask - why are you reading this?:) & Simone (incredible woman, she lived it back in the day).

I had been exchanging emails with Dee and to lesser extent Andy from Eater so was looking forward to meeting them. If you have not read Andy's book BUY IT NOW! An incredible record of how it happened from a lad who was at the centre of it all. Dee said hi and mentioned he had something for me. Couple of minutes later he presented me with an Eater T Shirt, what a gent! a great T Shirt as well :) Anyone I missed George X pointed them out for me, a Diamond is George and he has a great line in T Shirts :)

Before I knew it TV Smith was on stage. He never let's you down performing with the same passion he did back in the day. One Chord Wonders and No time to be 21 still makes the hairs on my neck stand up! Chatting to him after I was amazed he remembered me. We had met before and exchanged a few messages, but he must meet so many people - must be the red hair!

The backdrop to the stage was the 100 punks exhibition. People had contributed pics that had been taken back in the day in those old photo booths. Pictures of ordianry Punk Rockers all looking fantastic. Great times, tonight was just a small taste of the excitement, but the same feeling I had back then is alive and well in the 100 club tonight. Some things are worth hanging on to and Punk (whatever that actually is) is one of those things. People have asked me what is it about Punk that attracts me. Everything; the clothes, the music, the attitude - but most of all - it is the people you meet and become friends with. I have decided to try and record this 30 year anniversary, so any event I go to - be ready to have your photo taken!

Then time for the main event, Eater took to the stage. For those of you who never been to the 100 club, I will describe it to you. For me this place is one og the greatest punk venues. The stage is about 2 feet high, there is nothing between you and the band - which is how it should be, punk is inclusive there should be no barrier between the band and the audience. One end of the club is the bar and the other end the toilets - that's it. When you get 200+ people in there, there sure is a feeling of togetherness! So Andy was just a few feet in front of me as I squeezed against his monitor. Crouched down by the stage was a camera man from VH1, brave man indeed :) Dee was playing his kit like a made man, I remember a quote from Dee back in the day, he said as soon as he joined the band all the songs got faster, and tonight they were damn fast! My favs were played and sounded as fresh as when I first heard them: Outside View, Dreamin Of The USA and No Brains. This is Punk Rock no fuc*ing doubt. Eater played a fast, short set but I must say I enjoyed every minute of it

A gang of us drifted to a quieter club after it had finished., sitting chatting and drinking to the early hours with Alan, George X, Simone, Tara, Fleur and Andy. Shame the night has to end, but what better company to end it with. All punks at heart.

What now? Just 2 weeks left until we do it again that's what! Sex Pistols Experience and Rebel Truce at the 100 Club 12th October - another load of Punk Rock bollocks - with some of the greatest people you will ever meet.

Meet Eater Meet Eater Meet Eater Meet Eater Meet Eater

Ian OPG – tMx 27 – 10/06
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