Magik Markers – Magik Aktions

Magik Markers

Magik Markers – Magik Aktions

Magik Markers have been spraying graffiti onto people’s hearts for the best part of the last five years. The stains are indelible. Formed in a basement in Hartford, Connecticut, Magik Markers are namely Elisa Ambrogio (guitar, abuse, rants, destruction), Leah Quimby (bass/detuned gtr) & Pete Nolan (drums & whatever else is left lying about).

Introduced to a wider audience recently, thanks to support slots with Sonic Youth (see also Wolf Eyes & Hair Police), Magik Markers are a punked-out-freeform-car-crash pumped up on Harry Pussy & No Wave. Productive as hell & twice as slippery, Magik Markers have been firing off CD-Rs, vinyl & even the odd ‘official’ release since 2000 & something’s “Book As Symbol Of 8 Precious Things”/”Hand Of The Creator” (Arbitrary Signs).

Behind the amps, at the back of any given stage, run the cables that make the noise come out. The sound engineers – or roadies, as we used to call them – install this stuff using a system called plug & play. That’s what Magik Markers do: plug in & play. They could be making it up as they go along for all I know - or care, for that matter. Magik Markers are mesmerising, spontaneous, anarchic, abstract expressionism. Beguiling & repulsive in equal measure. These are not songs – they are incantations! Like a motorist slowing down to rubberneck an accident on the opposite side of the carriageway - you’re inexorably drawn into Magik Markers’ sound. Everything that shouldn’t work does. Everything & anything goes!

Not satisfied with merely dragging the Markers out on tour to ramp up their cred, Sonic Youth’s Ecstatic Peace label – - has been busy pressing up beautifully dressed copies of The Markers “I Trust My Guitar, Etc” LP. Sadly, these have all sold out now so the only way to find a copy is Ebay - & that’s not that reliable!

The Markers other available releases come via

Apostasy (“Feel The Crayon”) –

Gulcher (“A Panegyric To The Things I Do Not Understand”) –

Slippy Town (“Live In Ashville, NC – June 2003”) –

Imvated (“In The East”) –

& Arbitrary Sounds (“Live 2004”, “Beep Beep”, “Blues For Randy Sutherland”, “Live 2003” & “Mystery City”).

This list is by no means definitive. Magik Markers sides are being pressed & repressed quicker than you can say ‘Thurston Moore’s Pants Are On Fire’! A good example of this is their now infamous Belgian show from 05 - currently being pimped by those masters of understated silk screen progeny: Hospital Productions –

A recent session chez Encoule with my good chum & tMx contributor, Harry O, proved just how addictive Magik Markers can become if not taken in small, controlled doses. Within minutes Harry was bouncing off the walls screaming: ‘this is it, this is more like it, that’s the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it, who is it again?’ Several hours & several spliffs later he became almost evangelical: ‘what a fuckin’ racket, I love it! She sounds like a young Patti Smith with something shoved up her arse’. Much later – a few days, actually – he rang to say he couldn’t get the experience out of his head & he needed – no, that’s not strong enough – he had to have everything & anything they’d ever committed to tape/vinyl/CD-R/colouring book. He’s a bit like that, old Harry – tends to get obsessive once he’s decided he likes something! But - & it’s a J-Lo sized BUTT – aren’t we all a bit like that, really?

Magik Markers make a noise worth getting out of bed for. They start at the beginning & finish at the end. What happens in between will never be the same twice. The spirit of every fucked up loser in the history of rock & roll haunts their collective heads. Possibly. Probably. Magik Markers don’t need set lists. They’re making it all up as they go along! This one’s for Harry, he ain’t no pussy!

Chapeau, Magik Markers!

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