Monkey Seed/Deadly Rivals/Red Eye Banquet

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Monkey Seed/Deadly Rivals/Red Eye Banquet

Ginglik, Shepherds Bush Green, September 11/0906

Some converted underground toilets on Shepherds Bush Green isn't the first place you'd expect to find a healthy scene, but the regular events put on by West One Two Music at the Ginglik club are in the area's grand tradition of no-nonsense roof-raising whoopee.

I got married in late July so Alan Clayton and his son Paul very kindly threw us this bash to celebrate. Three dynamite groups and some ace DJing in the company of some close friends in a great, sweaty little venue [which Keith Richards has dubbed 'The Khazi']. Nights don't come much better than this.

It helped that the lineup was spot-on. The evening kicked off with Deadly Rivals, a new project featuring Guy Matthews, formerly of Steranko, on guitar and vocals and Mark Laff, a name from the past who first appeared in Subway Sect before going on to Generation X and the Twenty Flight Rockers. Mark was on the short-list for The Clash's drum-stool at one point! Obviously, there'll be White Stripes comparisons with such a lineup but songs are gripping and melodic while Laff is still a juggernaut, coming down like a ton of bricks as the songs twisted and turned. There was an inspired cover of Alice Cooper's 'Is It My Body?' and I can only recommend most highly.

Mine and Michelle's wedding song was 'London Calling'. It was played in the car on the way to the ceremony, on the journey to the gig and there it was after the Rivals, courtesy of Paul, aka Dj Chukles, who was throwing in everything from rock 'n' roll to classic soul and old school hip-hop. This was shaping in to some party. I first met Alan Clayton in Keith Richards' room at the Savoy Hotel around 23-years ago when he was fronting a West London bunch of rock & roll degenerates called the Dirty Strangers. Keith produced an album for them and, right now, Alan is on the Bigger Bang tour doing the backline. Keith likes this band, and it's not hard to see why. It's rock & roll - but shot with a blues-wailing fervour, often down to the raging harmonica of Dirty’s veteran, Little Chris. Sometimes I thought it must have been like this down the road at Ealing's Crawdaddy Club in'63 - or even a juke joint in America's South - as they charged through originals like 'Gold Cortina', 'Liberty Smile' and 'Bad Girls'. The spirit of Gene Vincent also hangs here, particularly on a storming rendition of 'Ain't That Too Much' [with old Dirty Scotty pumping the piano - there's a killer recorded version featuring an unusual piano detour from Mr Richards].

Red Eye Banquet have played many of the West One Two events and obviously have built their own crowd. Much whoopee in the air as they ploughed through a gamut of styles ranging from high-energy rock & roll to reggae.

To round things off the missus hit the decks, mixing up Patti Smith, Bo Diddley, the Velvets, Suicide, Clash, Stones, Lightnin' Hopkins and P-Funk. I was happy to hand over my headphones - although we did have to play 'Hey Joe' to mark Jimi's anniverary. Great to round off your wedding bash by finding out the missus is a shit-hot DJ!

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