“Nuggets & Beyond” – DVD


“Nuggets & Beyond” – DVD

Nuggets and Beyond DVD

You’ve heard me bitch about bootleggers in the past – so I guess it’s time for me to suck some shit. Y’see, trakMARXists, you ain’t gonna pick this baby up anywhere else other than a rekkid fair:

bootleggers: 1 – encoule – 0

So what’s the big deal, baby?

The recent re-re-issue of Lenny Kaye’s Nuggets – www.rhino.com - this time in gatefold mini-LP CD format – has been literally flying out of the record shops of the UK. Vendors have reported a massive influx of ‘now generation’ punters accessing the thrills & spills of the 1st Summer Of Punk for the very first time. This can only be a good thing. All hail “Nuggets & Beyond”, then - a ‘bootleg’ DVD that captures the legends of the 60s US Garage Punk scene in glorious fuzzy-grain authentic audio visual splendour – or – as it says on the box:

“Nearly 2-hours worth of quality US & European TV appearances from the absolute cream of 60s Garage & Psyche Bands! 40-tracks in all & not a duff one to be seen. This is the closest you’ll get to a visual companion to the Nuggest CD box - & beyond!”

The performances have been culled from shows like It’s A Bikini World, Ed Sullivan Show, Shivaree, American Banstand, Hollywood A Go Go, Action, Smothers Brothers, USB, Hullabaloo, Teentime, Ready Steady Go, Shindig - & 29 un-confirmable ‘other sources’. Enigmatic, or what?

Who cares if some obsessive has spent weeks in a darkened room illegally transferring their collection of telly clips onto DVD when you can now swoon to ‘live’ footage of the following in the comfort of your own home:

The Castaways, The Remains, The Leaves, The Seeds, The Knickerbockers, The 13th Floor Elevators, The Electric Prunes, The Guillotines, The McCoys. The Strangeloves, The Bad Seeds, Love, The Count Fives, The Nashville Teens, Them, The Beau Brummels . . . plus oodles more!

If your lucky/unlucky enough to live in the UK - &, specifically in the Midlands, here’s a handy guide to the fairs organised by our good friends Vinyl Bank – www.vinylbank.co.uk - you should be able to pick up a copy there – we did!


9th September 2006: Rugby
16th September 2006: Leamington
30th September 2006: Cheltenham

14th October 2006: Coventry
21st October 2006: Banbury
28th October 2006: Rugby

4th November 2006: Leamington
11th November 2006: Cheltenham
25th November 2006: Coventry

9th December 2006: Banbury
16th December 2006: Rugby
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