The 13th Floor Elevators

13th Floor Elevators

The 13th Floor Elevators – Singles Box

13th Floor Elevators

Friday September 1st was not a good day. I’d been avoiding the subject for some time - over a year - to be precise. Now, sitting in the doctor’s waiting room – the truth was about to come out – there was no avoiding it.

My name was duly called - & my daughter & I made our way to the doctor’s surgery. We walked in with a jaunty ‘morning’ – a sense of bravado in the face of impeding doom:

“I really don’t think it’s suitable for your daughter to be in here, do you, Mr Encoule? I’ll ask someone to keep an eye on her back in the waiting room. Excuse me.”

With those words, my heart sank. One thing was for sure: it wasn’t going to be a case of ‘everything’s fine, Mr Encoule, nothing to worry about’. As I waited for the doctor to return, worst case scenarios shuffled through my frontal lobes: liver failure, hepatitis C?

It transpired – not unsurprisingly, to be honest – that my liver is ‘poorly’. The synopsis: stop drinking immediately – or become Jack Kerouac within two years! I thanked the doctor, agreed to return for further tests following a 6-week abstinence of all alcoholic products - & moped my way back to the waiting room. Paint your wagon. Roll it out. Jump aboard.

I phoned Suburban Kid to give him the news. His response was touching but brief: he was busy in London – he’d call me back later. He phoned again around 5.30 pm the same day:

“I’m in Intoxica – did you get a copy of the 13th Floor Elevators Box? No? Good. I’ve got one here for you. The kind of day you’re having, you could do with a bit of cheering up. Consider it a get well present”.

I was touched. I’d been waiting for a copy since Christmas. My good mate Dave Jones had ordered me one from Spin as an Xmas pressie – but they’d fucked up - & sold all theirs without dispatching mine. Dave wouldn’t be dealing with Spin anymore - & I wouldn’t be getting a 13th Floor Elevators singles box for Christmas after all.

Merci beaucoup. Chapeau, Sub Kid!

The Complete 13th Floor Elevators A Singles Collection:

8 x 7” 45s plus a 4-page gatefold insert:

“You’re Gonna Miss Me”/”Tried To Hide”

“Reverberation (Doubt)”/”Fire Engine”

“(I’ve Got) Levitation”/”Before You Accuse Me”

“She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)”/”Baby Blue”

“Slip Inside This House”/”Splash 1”

“I’m Gonna Love You Too”/”May The Circle Remain Unbroken”

“Livin’ On”/”Scarlet & Gold”

“You’re Gonna Miss Me”/”We Sell Soul”

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