Theoretical Girl

Theoretical Girl is not a group. Theoretical Girl is Amy.

When “It’s All Too Much”/”I Am Theoretical Girl”/”I Am Theoretical Girl (Vicious Pink Goo Remix)” hit the tMx bunker toward the end of 2005 there was a fight over who was going to take the CD home with them. My left hand somehow got caught in the bunker door during the fracas – causing me to drop the CD momentarily - & resulting in me having to have an emergency splint administered by Lucy, the bunker first aider. Encoule felt so guilty – he let me have the CD!

With Theoretical Girl’s new 45 – “Red Mist” – just around the corner - a demo version of “All Too Much” lighting up the mostly dire, ENM hyped, “Digital Penetration” compilation - & Southend being talked up as the new New Yorkshire – the time was right to find out more about Theoretical Girl:

trakMARX - When did theory first become practice?

Theoretical Girl - Almost a year ago to the day. That makes it my theoretical anniversary soon!

trakMARX - How long did you have to practice until you bacame perfect?

Theoretical Girl - I never practice and as such will never be anywhere near perfect! Band practice on your own isn't much fun so I never get round to doing it.

trakMARX - How did it feel the first time you took Theoretical Girl onto a stage?

Theoretical Girl - Like I was about to jump from a very high cliff. Don't think I've ever been so scared!

trakMARX - Who have you recently played out with?

Theoretical Girl - Recently? An old hippy with an acoustic guitar who followed each song with an anecdote that was twice as long as the song he'd just played. He actually spoke more than he played. And two 'well wik' MCs who invaded the stage shouting 'who's that Theoretical Girl?' which made me chuckle.

trakMARX - What's been you favourite venue thus far?

Theoretical Girl - I really like the buffalo bar. It's dark and intimate and the sound is really good. It's nice being able to see the reactions of everybody in the room. You can really see who's in to it and who's not.

trakMARX - Where is Theoretical Girl happiest - in the studio or on stage?

Theoretical Girl - In the studio. No doubt about it. You don't have to worry about whether you're putting on a good show or if people are having a good time. And if you make a mistake, you can correct it.

trakMARX - How did you hook up with Fake Product?

Theoretical Girl - They said 'wanna release a single with us'? I said 'yeah, alright'.

trakMARX - "It's All Too Much" has now sold out - how was it for you?

Theoretical Girl - I hate it! It was the second song I ever wrote as Theoretical Girl and it was my first go at producing something. I listen back to it now and want to change everything about it. I'm amazed that it sold out!!!

trakMARX - Tell us about the new single, "Red Mist" - does it differ much from the vershun currently up on your myspace page?

Theoretical Girl - It's not that different actually. Just slightly clearer - and louder - with a new bit of guitar at the end. I kinda liked it as it was - so didn't want to fiddle about with it too much.

trakMARX - We know you're no lover of scenes, per se, but Southend seems a pretty ‘exciting’ place to come from right now. Is there much of an inter-group support network going on?

Theoretical Girl - Well, I live in London now, so am a bit distant from the stuff that's going on in Southend. When I lived there, the only bands that were around were emo hardcore type bands. There was also only one club night worth going to!

trakMARX - Southend also has a wonderful heritage of musical insurrection - - does your local past mean anything to you?

Theoretical Girl - I'm completely unaware that any good music had come from Southend! I'll have to have a look at the website you've mentioned! It must have passed me by! I have a soft spot for Southend of course, because my friends and family live there - but I really didn't know that there was any musical heritage!!!!

trakMARX - Your appearance on the ENM hyped "Digital Penetration" suggests that despite your dislike of scenes you may be being dragged into one inadvertently. How do you feel about that?

Theoretical Girl - It's just nice that it's been such a successful release as lots of people have now heard my music who may not have before. I think anybody who listens to my music will hear that it's definitely not 'new rave'!

trakMARX - What plans are afoot for the debut Theoretical Girl LP - & when is it likely to surface?

Theoretical Girl - I'm working on it almost as we speak but it'll be a pretty long time before it's complete. I want to take my time and make sure that it's something I can be proud of, not something that I'll listen back to and hate! I do have a title though but I'm keeping it secret!

trakMARX - Will the LP be on Fake Product?

Theoretical Girl - Nope. It's a great label - but they are concentrating on single releases at the moment, I do believe.

trakMARX - Is your independence important to you?

Theoretical Girl - It's the most important thing! I am an utter control freak!

trakMARX - How useful is your myspace page?

Theoretical Girl - Well, it's a brilliant way of getting your music heard. I've also never had to ask for a gig as people just find you and ask! It just makes life a bit easier I guess! Perfect if you're a lazy git, like me.

trakMARX - Where next for Theoretical Girl?

Theoretical Girl - I'm going home for my tea.

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