Jayne County Interview

Jayne County

Jayne County Interview

Jayne County has not only taken the time to talk to Jean Encoule for the fascinating interview you are about to read – she’s also donated a free MP3 of “Rock & Roll RepubliKKKan” – Gene Simmon’s favourite Jayne County song! This is the first time we’ve given you lot a free piece of music & we’d like to extend our hearty thanx in the general direction of Jayne County & ask all you trakMARXists out there to beam love USA-wards with Jayne’s name written large on the psychic envelope.

Download: “Rock & Roll RepubliKKKan” 4.9M

Your gonna love this:

trakMARX - What was it like for you growing up in a place like Atlanta?

Jayne - Well Atlanta was pretty hip considering it was in Georgia! I actually grew up in Dallas, Ga. A small hick town! It was a hoot! One stop light in the middle of town! When our country relatives would come to visit, they would always want us to take them up to the centre of town to watch the lights change! As the lights would change from orange to red to green, they would say: “Oh look at that! Ain’t it perty!!!”

trakMARX - "Rock & Roll saved my life & got me outa Georgia!" - to quote your monologue from "Rock & Roll Resurrection". Which artists in particular formed the soundtrack to your formative years?

Jayne - Well, I was raised on Rock and Roll. I used to hear it on the radio and my Aunty Shirley was an Elvis fan. Also we would listen to Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Louis, Bill Hayley and The Comets. I was exposed to Rock and Roll from a very early age. Plus - throw in the country music when it was good, like Hank Williams, and some black Gospel and R&B and I really didn’t have a chance! LOL!!! Then in my teens I of course was a big Anglophile. I loved the Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Pretty Things, The Yardbirds, The Dave Clark Five, Dusty Springfield, anything British!!!!!!!!!

trakMARX - When you headed for NYC in 1968 did you have any kinda idea what was waiting for you or what you intended to do?

Jayne - Well, I headed for NYC for the freedom, actually. I hung out in Greenwich Village where it was pretty much ‘anything goes’. I knew I was going to end up in show business or a band or something. I was always a creative person and I knew that my life wasn’t going to be ordinary!!!

trakMARX - When did you first discover you were man enough to become a woman?

Jayne - Well, as a young child, I was really a little girl. I played all the girl’s games, had crushes on boys and played house and pushed a toy baby buggy with a doll in it all around town!!!

trakMARX - Tell us about your time in Charles Ludlum's Ridiculous Theatre.

Jayne – Well, I worked in quite a few plays in NYC. I was in Jackie Curtis’s “Femme Fatale” where I played a lesbian prison inmate, who ran around the stage with a fly swatter, killing and eating flies! Like the guy in Dracula!!! My big line was: “My name is Georgia Harrison and I don’t belong in this place! Conductor, wait that train!!!” Patti Smith played an Italian mafia boss with a huge penis which she stroked and said: “Hey, you lika my bigga dick?? Hey, I wanna a fukka you!!!”

trakMARX - How did you hit it off with Patti?

Jayne - Yeah, I got along pretty well with Patti. She was a bit of an actress in real life as well. Sometimes I got the feeling that she pretty much confused the two. Reality and the stage. She had a Brian Jones fetish. She was always going on and on about Brian Jones. She had cut her hair though, to look like Keith Richards!!! He He.

trakMARX - What do you remember about the Stonewall Riot?

Jayne - The Stonewall Riots were an amazing experience. I remember, rage, and bottles being thrown, and fires being set and drag queens jumping up and down on police cars, and turning back buses full of shocked and amazed people!!!!!!!!!

trakMARX - By 1970, Warhol had cast you a roll in "Pork". What was Andy like to work with?

Jayne – Well, Andy Warhol was a hoot of a queen! A great artist, and all that, but she was just one big hoot, cause she loved to cause trouble and stir the pot up good! She loved it when people were fighting and she would giggle like a schoolgirl at any sign of trouble!!! She loved DRAMA! And if there was none around she made sure she stirred some up!!! When Andy came to the opening night party for “PORK” when we opened at the Roundhouse in London, Andy spent all his time in the men’s room! Every time a cuty man would go to the urinal to take a piss, he would go running up to them with a tape recorder and put the microphone right in front of their mouth and start interviewing them!!!!!!!!!! It was a HOOT!!!

trakMARX - Before long you'd been signed up to Bowie's Mainman roster. How did that work out?

Jayne - Signing to Mainman was one of the biggest mistakes of my entire life! It was a nightmare! They FUCKED ME UP BIGTIME. Basically I was used as a ‘try out’ stage for a lot of Bowie’s ‘trans’ sort of stuff. The gender bending stuff that he was ‘borrowing’ from all the real Trans and Gay people! He is a Vampire!!! He had his manager, Tony Deep Freeze, sign up all the acts that Bowie considered threatening to him, being the King of the Freaks. He signed up ME, Amanda Lear, Leee Childers, Cherry Vanilla, Iggy and the Stooges - and a few more that I can’t remember. Anyway we were all used as a testing ground! My “Wayne At The Trucks” was a forerunner of “Diamond Dogs”. And my song “Queenage Baby” was a forerunner of “Rebel Rebel”!!! Oh it went on and on. Like a fool I gave Bowie all my ideas and sent him all my demos!!!! What a creep he was!

trakMARX - Tell us a little about Queen Elizabeth & the young Jerry Nolan.

Jayne - Queen Elizabeth was the first Punk Rock band to play CBGB’s. Television always try to steal that from me, but it is documented. I played four whole months BEFORE Television. I am the one who told Dee Dee Ramone about CBGB’s one night in the DJ booth at Max’s Kansas City, after he was complaining that Max’s was the only place to play in NYC. Also Jerry Nolan was our drummer before he quit to join the New York Dolls. He was a great Rock and Roll drummer in the same line as Charlie Watts.

trakMARX - '73 saw you treading the boards with The Backstreet Boys - eventually hitting wax in '76 with "Max's Kansas City 1976" - "Flip Your Wig" - "Cream In My Jeans" - why did it take 3 years to get a record out?

Jayne - Cause no record company would touch me with a ten-foot-pole! I was too real, too fierce and everyone knew that I was the real deal. Not some normal boy pretending to be bisexual or a semi drag queen. I WAS a real drag queen then trans!!! I scared the shit outta the uptite, bigoted recording industry.

trakMARX - At what stage did you recognize Punk Rock & how would you define it?

Jayne - No one in NYC recognized ‘Punk’ rock until Punk magazine came along and made the name up! Even the Ramones hated that term! Finally we all had to accept it as the media and all the press latched on to the lable ‘Punk Rock!’ Dee Dee once said to me, “We’re not Punk rock, we are a Rock and Roll band!” Punk was just simple back to it’s roots Rock and Roll. The same chords. Plain and simple.

trakMARX - How did The Backstreet Boys become The Electric Chairs?

Jayne - The Backstreet Boys was a name I came up with after watching the film “Backstreet” with Susan Hayward. I liked the name and used it for years. Then when I took the Backstreet Boys guitarist, Greg Van Cooke, to London, we got new musicians and I came up with the name The Electric Chairs. It’s from the movie “Clockwork Orange”.

trakMARX - How did you end up on Stuart Copeland's Illegal Records?

Jayne – Well, Miles Copeland caught one of my shows at Max’s and told Peter Crowley that London would be very receptive to me and that he had a small record company and he would put us in the studio and record. So I jumped at the chance, cause I am an Anglophile and any chance to come to England was OK by me. We recorded our first British release in the same studio that the Damned did their first LP. The songs were: “Paranoia Paradise”, “The Last Time”, “Thunder When She Walks” and “Stuck On You (Like Elmer’s Glue)”. It was an underground Punk success and made the Punk charts, whatever the fuck that was!!!!

trakMARX - What was it like sharing a label with the odious Sting?

Jayne – Well, The Electric Chairs toured Europe with the Police as our support band. It was like touring with a group of Librarians. They were so nice and sweet and so smart. And real intellectuals! Sting is highly intelligent and well learned. And he had a great body. I would sneak and watch him change his clothes!! I think a couple of times he knew I was watching cause he would turn a certain way and I would get a really great view of his cock. Nice cock! Once he had a hard on and it was really tasty looking!!! But I never made a move on him! I wish I had now!!!!!!!!! He He!!!

trakMARX - The Electric Chairs - much like Blondie - enjoyed early success in the UK – signing to Safari Records? Do we hold a special place in your heart as a result of that initial embrace?

Jayne – Well, Safari records were the only label brave enough to take me on! The English labels all came to see me and loved me but were afraid to sign me! Same old reasons. I was too real!!! Safari were a fair and honest label as well. John Craig to this day still pays me my royalties and sends me statements. The first and ONLY person to ever do so – oh, except for Cherry Red. They are a great label as well. Honest folk and very fair minded. I love Cherry Red!!!

trakMARX - Safari Records had connections to Deep Purple - did that not trouble you slightly?

Jayne - Well, I love Deep Purple’s version of the Billy Joe Royal’s hit “Hush”. He is from Atlanta, Ga, where I am from. I like all sorts of music. Deep Purple are fine with me.

trakMARX - How did the wheels fall off The Electric Chairs?

Jayne - Well, The Electric Chairs was a name that I made up to call my bands. There were many Electric Chairs and will be plenty more. Whoever I am using are The Electric Chairs. The first LP era Electric Chairs evolved into the 2nd era Electric Chairs cause Greg met a junky and she got him all fucked up on dope. Sort of like a Nancey Spungen. Gregg had a heavy drug problem and if you didn’t watch him like a hawk or like a retarded 10 year old, he would get fucked up, show up late for rehearsals and late for the gigs, etc. He was a mess. I watched him like a hawk and kept him together. When he got that junky girlfriend he fell apart and I fired him from the band. He became IMPOSSIBLE! So I sent for the other Backstreet Boy, Elliot Michaels. He became the second Electric Chairs guitar player. Then we got Henry Padavoni who was with the Police. The Police fired him cause his guitar playing was too good and got in the way of the Police’s simple songs. So he became an Electric Chair and played rhythm to fill out the sound of the band when Elliot took his guitar solos. He could only play a few styles so I gave him a pile of Ventures and Shadows records, and said ‘here, learn to play like this’, and he did!

trakMARX - Very little is known about your time in Berlin - would you care to set the record 'straight'?

Jayne - Berlin was a learning experience. I learned how to be a ‘woman’. And a survivor. Well, even more of one! Those German Tran-sexuals are tough - and I learned a lot from them!!! Survival skills that I still use today. They are a secret!

trakMARX - You began making records again in the late 80s & released 3 LPs between '86 & '95 - how was it for you?

Jayne - I could be a lot bigger than I am now if I had continued to play the game according to how the German Trannies taught me - but I just got sick and tired of playing it!!! It’s all about control! Controlling your surroundings but not letting people know that you are controlling them! It is a fine line, and it takes patience and I am a very impatient person, and I get bored! And besides, I like screaming at people!!! LOL!

trakMARX - We understand that these days you are firm friends with Handsome Dick. How did you two kiss & make up?

Jayne - Well, yes Dick Manitoba and I are friends now. He is one of the most down to earth, people I know. A great guy. Honest and straightforward. Smart and a sweetheart! I have nothing but the highest respect for him and his band The Dicktators. They are a great Rock and Roll band in the same vein as Paul Revere and The Raiders, The Rolling Stones and The Seeds!!! I have worked for Richard, many years now, off and on as a DJ. He has the coolest bar in NYC: Manitoba’s. One of the few real Rock and Roll bars left in NYC! Long may it reign!!!

trakMARX - What's going down with you & Lisa Jackson right now?

Jayne - Lisa Jackson did some shows there (Manitoba’s). Lisa is doing great now. She has a big following and it was a pleasure working with her. The acoustic version of “Man Enough To Be A Woman” that I recorded with her is my fave recording of that song. What a talent! Forget David Bowie, Lisa Jackson is the real thing! A real sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A real Rock and Roll Tranny!!!!!!!!!!!! Transgender Rock and Roll.

trakMARX – What’s going on with Gene Symonds hi-jacking the name Electric Chairs?

Jayne - Well, I am really tired of talking bout it so I am going to be brief on the Mean Gene story. Basically, here is what happened. I recorded a song called “Rock and Roll RepubliKKKan” as I am a VERY POLITICAL person and I DESPISE the fucking RepubliKKKans. They are fucking Neo Con Nazis!!! Total FASCISTS! And nothing makes me more ANGRY and sick than Rock and Roll RepubliKKKans. They are SCUM!!! And I ain’t afraid to say so! I have a big mouth and I am gonna shout it to the mountains. ROLL AND ROLL REPUBLIKKKANS FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they are the ones who go on stage and ‘pretend’ to be freaky. Wear all that make up, make fun of real Gay and Trans people and strut around on stage like assholes pretending to be freaks when they are only PAT BOONES IN COSTUMES!!! They are super normal and conservative and it makes me want to throw up all over their Holloween outfits!!! They are FASCISTS! When you support a party that wants to deny and take away my rights as an AmeriKan citizen and make me a third class citizen that makes them FASCISTS. That makes them NAZIS!!! And they can piss off!!! It dosn’t mean that I don’t like their music. Hell, I like Wagner - and he was the worst! But their narrow minded, bigoted politics infuriate me! So Mean Gene decided to get me back for mentioning him in mine and Ginger Coyote’s song “Rock and Roll RepubliKKKan”. So he decides to steal the name Electric Chairs, I guess, to teach me some sort of lesson. But it backfired and gave me fab PR - and made him look like a fool. I love Kiss as a band. They play some of the best Rock and Roll ever. And when I worked for Rock Scene magazine in the 70*s, I was constantly defending them when the rest of the New York scene were slagging them off! But although I love Kiss as a band, Mean Gene is a donkey’s ass. And he’s Homo and Transphobic! Which I find strange since the word out on the street is that his son Nick is Gay!!! I mean I don’t know for SURE. I haven’t given him a blow job or anything, and I certainly would if he likes, but as of now I have not!!! Well, that certainly wasn’t brief - but there it is in a large nut shell!!! Love the band - hate the politics. Same way with Alice Cooper - who is a right wing born again Christian asshole. I love the character Alice Cooper - but the real person is a fascist!!! Same with that animal murderer and homophobe, Ted Nugent. What a fucking snake in the sewer!!! And that KKK member and White Arian Nation idiot, Johnny Ramone! Yikes! Great music. Great band. Asshole fascist homophobe. Hated blacks, fags and Jews!!! He was a real pain to the other guys who are all fantastic guys. Marky Ramone was a Backstreet Boy as well!!! He drummed for me for years! Great guy!!! I don’t know how poor Joey put up with Johnny’s bigoted views for so long! I am a Joey and Dee Dee fan ALL THE WAY. Anyone who doesn’t understand how I feel on this is an ignorant fool and would have to be as equally homophobic, trans-phobic, anti-Semetic and anti-woman. People who want AmeriKa to become a fucking Fascist Police State - they can FUCK OFF as well. As far as I am concerned this is the SECOND AMERIKAN CIVIL WAR, and I have chosen the side I am on. I am BLUE STATE LIBERAL all the fucking way!!!!!!!! I wish the South would succeed from the Union - and this time the Northern States and Canada would be fucking glad! THEN the Northern states could form a Union with Canada and declare war on the South and we could fucking kick their asses all over again and make sure this fucking time that THEY NEVER COME BACK! They can be the United States of Jesus and we could be the USA and Canada!!! Rock and Roll RepubliKKKans FUCK OFF!!!

trakMARX – And finally, what's happening with new material for you presently? We heard you've been chucking out some fairly political rants of late?

Jayne - Closing statements. Well, He He. LOL, yes, as you just learned, I love to go on political rants. People who aren’t paying attention to what is going on are going to be stomped on!!!!!!!! You have to be aware and careful cause we are on the verge of the coming GREAT DARKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are on the verge of another WORLD WAR. World War III. Leading up to a sort of ARMEGEDDON!!! The Times They Are A Changin AGAIN!!!!!!! The Madhatters*s tea party is about to begin! And the White Rabbit is talking backwards and The Beast is getting ready to enter the TEMPLE!!! Let those who are in the fields FLEE UNTO A PLACE OF SAFETY!!! ANARCHY IN THE USA IS COMING SOON!!! And all of the Rock and Roll tribes are going to have to all band together and fight this COMING DARKNESS! No more divisions between, Goths, Punks, Hippies, Beatnicks, Glam Freaks, Mods, Rockers, Grunge, ETC, ETC, ETC. There is US and THEM!!! And all the Techno, Hip Hoppers and House freaks need to come into the fold as well. We gotta - or we are finished!!!! I MEAN IT MAN. And I am constantly working on new material. I just recorded “Rock and Roll RepubliKKKan” - which I want to offer to you and all your readership as a free download! I also recorded “We Are The Trans Generation”. How we Trans people have to ban together and fight for our rights. And I recorded the Shirells’s song, “Boys” - also recorded by the Beatles and many others. This recording is called “Four On The Floor”. And it has on it Ginger Coyote, Cherry Vanilla, Contance Cooper, Robert Star, and Andy Warhol Superstar and star of “TRASH”, Holly Woodlawn! It is a piece of HISTORY! Like a piece of the old Weimar Republic! Like Paris in the twenties - Berlin in the thirties - London in the sixties - or NYC in the seventies. And I have new recordings out with The She Wolves called “Jayne County Meets The She Wolves”. You can hear the very political songs on My Space by the same name. I do a version of the Dead Kennedies, “California Uber Alles”. But my version is about Arnold Swartznegger. What a fucking jerk that idiot is!!! And one of the most nastiest, meanest, outrageous songs that I have ever recorded called “Picture Perfect!!!” I had a falling out with my best friend Lady Bunny and I wrote the song about her! I always write my best songs when I am angry at someone!!! Like “Fuck Off”. I was angry at someone. And “Bad In Bed” and “Man Enough To Be A Woman!!!” I was upset and angry when I wrote those. He He. Once Peter Crowley said: “Make Jayne angry all the time so she can keep writing great songs!!!” LOL!!! And Jim La Lumia, one of my biggest and longest supporters, knows that as well. Make Jayne angry so she can write more songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He HE. I will be recording an EP with Jim Lamia and the Psychotic Frogs soon as well. And I am working on my new Punk Opera. I can’t reveal the title cause people are always stealing my ideas!!! But it is going to shock the entire music industry!

So I now must flee - cause I am very busy working on all these projects and I ain’t young anymore - except in my head - and who knows how much time I have here on this earth!!??!! So I will leave you with the words: I HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Jayne County

New LP - “Wayne At The Trucks” – out now on Munster Records – www.munster-records.com

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