trakMARX Club 45 - Black Time

trakMARX Club 45 - Black Time

The Further Adventures Of: trakMARX Club 45 – Black Time

The Black Time “Fever” EP has been flying out of the tMx Bunker door these past few weeks. Both the group & the fledgling label are equally happy with the response of you – the punter!

We’ve shifted 150 or so copies thus far – so – maths fans – that means there’s only another 100 or so left! Be quick – be nimble – be trakMARX Club 45:

This luxurious & totally skill EP features 4-scrawls of BLACK TIME shaped gunk:

1/ “Fever”
2/ “Secret”
3/ “Fever” (Vershun)
4/ “Consumers”
Black Time rekkid sleeve

All songs were written, nurtured & cared for BLACK TIME who reserve the right to do whatever the fuck they like to do with them whenever the fuck they wanna do it!

“Fever” is BLACK TIME at their Cramps chewing best, spewing out shards of mutant rockabilly like a space shuttle re-entering earth’s atmosphere.

“Secret” sees BLACK TIME Tardis their way back to 1978 to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that they could have cut the mustard with the best of them at the height of Punk’s relevance.

“Fever” (Vershun) sees Lemmy Caution plug his fucked up old drum machine into an already dense mix to deconstruct the original & render it ‘very different’.

“Consumers” finds Lemmy & his cohorts crying 96 tears in the garage, hiding from their moms, who have just told them they can’t go out dressed like that!

There are only 250 copies available. This is a strictly limited affair. Reserved copies will be dispatched on receipt & clearance of payment.

Under Mail Order Manners Only:

Cheques, postal orders or international money orders made payable to – S.Morgan – for a total of £4.00 per copy (inc postage & packing).

Mail to:
c/o NEE Ltd
1st Street
Jean Encoule – tMx – 06/06
Contact: - We're All Addicted To Something