Down To Grease On Holiday

Down To Grease On holiday

Down To Grease On Holiday

Those loveable types at Filthy Little Angels have asked us to make trakMARXists aware of their new themed compilation LP: “Down To Grease On Holiday”.

We asked them about the ethos behind their forthcoming release:

“In the deepest darkest days of winter, 2 filthy little angels dreamed of warmer climates and summer holidays. They dreamed of going on a summer holiday with all of their friends and came up with the perfect location.....Grease. No, we don't mean Greece - we mean Grease!!

So, they rounded up the troops and shared the plan - and all the filthy ones did their best to make it happen! They packed up their gear and headed into recording studios dreaming of summer nights . . .

When all was said and done, these filthy little angels were left with the perfect soundtrack to a perfect summer holiday . . .

Missy was initially worried that Woon’s love of quiffs and leather might take him to a darker place (i.e. Morrissey's house) - but it all turned out well in the end . . .

And now, without further ado, we give you . . .

Down To Grease On Holiday: let the summer lovin' begin:

The LP is available for download from:

Wayne Cocaine – tMx 25 – 06/06
Contact: - We're All Addicted To Something