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A new issue of trakMARX – a new compilation of Australian Punk Rock – it’s becoming somewhat of a ritual: the ritual of the Australian Punk Rock Compilation LP Ritual!

“Inner City Sound” (Laughing Outlaw Records) is a 2CD set produced & annotated by Clinton Walker, author of the definitive history of the Australian Punk Rock underground: “Inner City Sound”.

Inner City Sound CD artwork

A Short History Of Laughing Outlaw Records:

Laughing Outlaw Records began operations in April 1999. The genesis was real simple and straightforward. It's the saga of two blokes who loved rock & roll music. Nothing more or less complicated than that. Jules Normington and Stuart Coupe had known each other since the late '70s. Yep, they're that old!!! Stuart had moved to Sydney to embark on a notorious career as a rock journalist and Jules was at the helm of the Phantom Records store. Both loved everything from girl group classics, obscure Sixties punk rock, rockabilly, power pop, soul, and psychedelia. Jules sold records to Stuart. He wrote about them. People came to Jules to buy copies of said records. How hard was that?

Here's where we go on and on with some major name-checking (because it makes US fell all warm and fuzzy)...Jules, who'd previously been the roadie/sound guy/manager of Radio Birdman, started the Phantom Records label with Dare Jennings (100% Mambo creator) and released a bunch of cool platters from the likes of post-Birdman band the Visitors, the Sunnyboys, Machinations, the Passengers, the Flaming Hands, the Kelpies, le Hoodoo Gurus, the Rockmelons, Sardine v...and many more. Meanwhile Stuart was still hammering away at the keyboard as well as trying to manage the Hoodoo Gurus and later Paul Kelly and The Messengers.

Stuart and his pal Roger Grierson started the indie G.R.E.E.N. Records, named after Kermit The Frogs immortal line "it ain't easy being green." They bought out a stack of records by the Lime Spiders, the Allniters, Tactics, Grooveyard, Spy v Spy, and the New Christs (classic first single!) along with two further timeless classics - the Beasts Of Bourbon's debut album "The Axeman's Jazz", and...errrr... the soundtrack to the Sydney University musical "Dingo Girl". Okay, there's a story to the latter but we won't go there!

The years went by and Jules kept doing what he did best - selling and releasing records, by the likes of the Hummingbirds, Def FX, the Deadly Hume, Nitocris, Vanilla Chainsaws, the Mark Of Cain, the Whitlams, whilst Stuart banged out books and magazine and newspaper stories at an alarming rate as well as touring Dick Dale, Link Wray, Guy Clark, Lucinda Williams, Harry Dean Stanton, and James Ellroy. (We're hoping by now you're impressed...)

Come 1999 and Stuart wanted a break from writing and Jules wanted to start a new indie label which hearkened more back to the initial ideals of Phantom (whose original criteria had always been: "If this demo tape was a record, would I go out and actually buy it?" If the answer was YES, then the deal would be done...simple as that). The two had a chat at Stuart's place in Balmain and decided that they'd work on Laughing Outlaw together. They dragged in a bunch of equally fanatical music-loving partners and set up shop in the warehouse where Jules operated his Phantom Collectables business.

Jules has recently semi-retired from the label to concentrate on his stupendously successful collectables business but still provides many ideas on A&R and business development. Into the breach has plunged Paul Glover, a newcomer to the music business, but a music fanatic of gargantuan proportions (his fanatacism that is, not him). He is obsessed by anything remotely connected to Iggy, Lou, Alice, Blue Oyster Cult, the Dictators or Radio Birdman, listens constantly to the Nuggets, Pebbles and related 60s garage band collections while longing to give birth to Gram Parsons' love child - a schizophrenic sorta character! Paul has also dug the whole power pop thing ever since he first heard the Nerves' original version of "Hanging On The Telephone"! And of course lurking menacingly in the background of the label are the other partners - John, Terry, Darryl, C.J., Dave and new guy, Simon.

Laughing Outlaw has had rifled out a steady flow of releases since their first, Coronet Blue's debut. People seem to like the stuff they foist on an unsuspecting public. Someone writing in Drum Media said recently that "Laughing Outlaw picks underdogs with a shitload of talent." Stuart and Paul like that...and are like that. They have that same simple A & R policy - should an offered recording actually be released already, and they figure they'd be out there hunting it down, well...the trouser starts to quiver, the passion meter starts to rocket, then all hell breaks loose on the obsession dial (it's dangerous territory!).

Laughing Outlaw is now home to a bunch of disparate talents - all of whom have a place in your life. Buy Laughing Outlaw releases. It'll make the artists and the label happier than you could ever say nothing about just how damn good YOU'LL feel.

“Inner City Sound” (Lorics-001):

Inner City Sound is a 2CD set stand-alone companion piece to the cult book of the same name. First published in 1982, Clinton Walker’s Inner City Sound told the story of Australia’s punk/post-punk music underground, which paved the way world-wide for indie/alternative rock to follow and produced such seminal names as the SAINTS, RADIO BIRDMAN, NICK CAVE, GO-BETWEENS, TRIFFIDS, SCIENTISTS, X, SEVERED HEADS, SUPER-K and many more…

With a new, expanded edition of the book now out through Verse Chorus Press, Laughing Outlaw Records is proud to present the long-awaited “Inner City Soundtrack”.

With interest in the punk/post-punk era currently revived to a pervasive influence, the release of the Inner City Soundtrack is extremely timely.

Produced and annotated by Clinton Walker and re-mastered by the master himself, Don Bartley – and including an extraordinary hand-drawn fold-out family tree poster – Inner City Sound provides proof positive that Australia contributed as much as anyone to the D-I-Y revolution of the late 70s/early 80s: Over forty tracks, restored to a virgin vinyl glory, that still ring fresh and true, a mix of classics and rarities, many appearing on CD for the first time. Bristling with urgency and originality, this is an instant classic twenty years in the making.

DISC ONE: tch-tch-tch / Sacred Cowboys / Wet Taxis / Seems Twice / Saints / Leftovers / Last Words / Razar / Thought Criminals / XL Capris / Manikins / Boys Next Door / Seems Twice / Young Charlatans / Young Modern / Triffids / Sekret Sekret / Surfside 6 / Voigt/465 / Tactics / Whirlywirld / Primitive Calculators / Systematics / Super-K / New Christs / *** *** / Black Assassins / Lonely Hearts

DISC TWO: Equal Local / Laughing Clowns / Poles / Scientists / Birthday Party / GoBetweens / Sunday Painters / Essendon Airport / Severed Heads / Machinations / Sardine / X / Hunters & Collectors / End / Plug Uglies / Apartments / Saints / Lighthouse Keepers / David Chesworth

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