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Cheveu are from Paris, France.


Cheveu means ‘hair’, in French (if you jumble the letters up a bit it means something else, in a French Porn context – but we can’t speak French intimately, so we’re none the wiser!).

Cheveu are the only group in the history of trakMARX to score TWO ‘singles of the issue’ – IN THE SAME ISSUE (see Reviews 25)!

Cheveu make a glorious cacophony that is reminiscent of no one yet manages (somehow) to capture the true revolutionary spirit of everything great that’s ever happened in the pantheon of Punk, rock & roll.

Cheveu shove their art so far up the bloated arse of contemporary rock & roll that it may well come out the other end (eventually):

trakMARX - Bonjours, Cheveu - welcome to the pages of trakMARX. Where are you & what are you up to?

Cheveu - We're eating a couscous brochette in Menilmontant (Paris).

Olivier - I've just set up a tiny label - Tes Fesses Records - first release – “Crack Und Ultra Eczema”:

trakMARX - Not only are you our NEW FAVOURITE GROUP - you are also the best French group we've heard since Metal Urbain. Have you heard of them? Is their legacy like a monolith towering over French culture?

Cheveu - We're not really into old "classical" French punk - even if some people compare our music with Metal Urbain sometimes.

David (The Singer) - I've never heard them. A monolith towering over French culture? Only a few people know them in France. By the way, today some members of Metal Urbain are close to the supposed new wave of French underground - backed by mainstream newspapers!

trakMARX - Tell us about the birth of Cheveu.

Cheveu - In the boredom of the summer 2003, we found a cheap keyboard and played with it. The point was to play for the "fete de la musique" - just for fun. It was not bad, so we went on.

trakMARX - We understand Cheveu is a porn anagram. Would you care to elaborate?

Cheveu - Please, try harder.

trakMARX - "Dog" is totally unlike any other record we've heard in a while. Is it representative of the rest of your material?

Cheveu - “Dog” is our "dance-floor" tune. You can check for some more on our website:

Our songs are generally built on simple riffs, cheap keyboards and free speech. We record a lot of our stuff at home using our feet. At first we were not that happy with the songs we recorded because they were not reflecting our live shows. We're haunted by the usual debate about the lo-fi approach to music as our music depends on our instruments (old Casios and cheap multi-effects) and the results can be hazardous. We almost never have the same sound on stage, etc. We need to think harder – or maybe not so hard - mmm.

trakMARX - In terms of influence - who would Cheveu cite?

Cheveu - We are quite eclectic:

Etienne - John Lee Hooker, Keith "riff" Richards, Al Green, Flavor Flave and the Ikettes - hip shakin' style.

Olivier - The Rebel, Zeigenbock Kopf, Bogdan Raczynski.

David - Maybe childhood souvenirs, parents music - like early Laurie Anderson records, New Order, Reich - and Le Chant Des Baleines old vinyl I had - until I destroyed it - age 10.

trakMARX - Who are heroes/heroines to Cheveu?

Cheveu - No heroes/heroines - just friends working hard at making creative, funny and powerful music. The whole current Strasbourg scene of Strasbourg and our relatives: Crackund Ultra Eczema, Crash Normal, Volt, Cradle Of Smurf, Kania Tieffer, Le club des Chats. Check the "tête de bébé" compilation on S-S Records for an exhaustive overview.

trakMARX - Tell us about you new 45 - the follow up to "Dog".

Cheveu - This second 45" - called "Clara Venus" - is a more electro-punk stuff. It is being released by two Parisian labels heavily involved in quality music: SDZ Records (The Rebel, Anteenagers MC) and Royal Records (A Frames, Crash Normal). “Clara Venus” is based on the poem by Raimbaud. It was been recorded by friends in a cinema (A-side) - and on a 4-track tape recorder (B-side).

trakMARX - When can we expect your debut LP?

Cheveu - We're currently recording a bunch of new and old songs at home. We expect to have something to propose to labels in September for a release date. We don't know when.

trakMARX - And finally, where next for Cheveu?

Cheveu - We are setting up a tour of North America (The Big East) for September/October (3 weeks). And we want to play in the UK and wherever we can in Europe.

Cheveu - Dog
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