New York Dolls LP Review

New York Dolls LP

New York Dolls LP Review

“One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This”

New York Dolls hot new rekkid

May 2006 and I'm sitting here reviewing the new album from the New York Dolls thanks to my pal BY who passed me a promo copy. I don't have a proper CD booklet so details are a bit scant and I'm not sure if this is even the finished running order, but here goes anyway.

1. “We're All In love”

Noisy opener that sounds like something an 80s yank hair-metal band like G'n'R or Scandinavians Hanoi Rocks would have come up with. I guess this might be the influence of Sami Yaffi, the Dolls current bassist, coming through, and references to looking like teenage girls are well past their sell by date in the Dolls camp now.

2. “Runnin’ Around”

Going through the motions bluesy/honky-tonk workout that sounds like Rod Stewart’s “Hot Legs”. Didn't really like it.

3. “Plenty Of Music”

Phil Spector/Shadow Morton influences abound. The Dolls Shangri La's obsession continues. Good song.

4. “Dance Like A Monkey”

“Lust for Life”-esque intro, the original spirit of the Dolls is truly still alive and well here. Brilliant song, my fav.

5. “Punishing World” More of the same as above. Plenty of attitude and swagger on show. The album is kicking into gear now.

6. “Maimed Happiness”

Country-tinged tearjerker ballad. It doesn't sound as bad as it looks here on your screen.

7. “Fishnets and Cigarettes”

My least favourite song so far. Crap title, very Stonesy.

8. “Gotta Get Away”

Brian Konin’s bar-room-tinkling piano and Steve Conte’s guitar are well to the fore here in this rocker. I like it.

9. “Dancing On The Lip Of A Volcano”

Reminds me in parts of Johnny Thunders "Can't Put Your Arms Round A Memory" which is definitely no bad thing. Its a mid-paced stroller and as good as you would expect. What more can I say?

10. “Ain't Got Nothing”

Another country-influenced, whiskey-soaked-ballad . Good.

11. “Rainbow Store”

Great big kiss revisited. Good but not as great as the influence.

12. “Turn On The Light”

Could be the Stooges (I know Iggy's in here somewhere) as the Dolls rock out. Another good one.

13. “Good Look”

Mid-paced stroller, reminds me of John Cougar Mellancamps 80s stuff, unfortunately. Catchy chorus, it’s not bad.

14. “Seventeen”

Seventies-smokey-room-atmosphere-blues-grind. A bit of experimentation, and a very different sound for the Dolls.

Lets cut to the chase: Johansen’s vocals are strong throughout, and the group are tighter than ever. This is in no way the disaster it could have been, it's a triumph for the band members on a personal level to have come up with the goods in the shade of the very big shadow and legend of the original line up. It remains to be seen if the fans will take this album to their hearts all these years later. This could well be the Dolls breakthrough album into the American mainstream and a real chart hit. I miss the teetering on the edge of a shambles noise of the 2 classic albums - but it is over 30 years later - and a lot of water has passed under the Brooklyn Bridge since then. The album does dip in parts with a lack of energy on a few songs - but overall it’s a very polished performance - and I like it. Having listened to it a few times now, it’s a real grower.

Joe Donnelly – tMx 25 – 05/06
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