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poetry corner

t H e b O n E a L o N e

t H e  b O n E  a L o N e

tHe bOnE aLoNe –
doTinG oN siLenCe,
anD oTHeR suCh triViaL hiRsUiTs.


it’S a saCrE bLeU!
jiGGlinG iN a suMMeR brEeZe –
flaXeN haiR eVerYwHerE
eaTinG aLL thE trEes;
thE trEeS,
thE preTTy trEeS...
thE preTTy haRMleSS trEeS.


giVe mE a bReaK,
anD eVeN thOuGh mY aRmS acHe,
I’ll fiNisH thiS tuNNeL bY niGHTfaLL;
haNg iT aLL
I’m siNginG,
(oR iS thAt swiNginG?)

Ben Browton – tMx 24 – 04/06
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