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f E b r i L e a N A t h E m A

f E b r i L e   a N A t h E m A

tO cuLL stRenGtH,
gaTHeR thE stRenGtH
thaT goEs miSSinG 
foR eXtenDoDePreSSo peRiOdS –
‘eScaPe‘ iS juSt anOtHeR hEaDliNe to bE reAd aBouT.


thiS wAs onE oF thOsE daYs,
(walKinG oN glaSS),
aT tHrEE poUnDs peR hoUr,
tO liCk arSe;
tO haVe nOthiNg buT
thE suiT I sTanD uP iN
iS reCenTLy drY-cLeaNeD.


soMe kiNd oF maGiCK,
soMe kiNd oF mEaNinG –
scRaPPy eXisteNcE gLeaNinG;
fiNdinG nOtHinG
anD goiNg sLowLyqUicKLy
doWn thE drAiN –
iT’s thAt haUntiNG
o-tOO faMiLiaR reFraiN...

foRtY twO flOOrs uP anD nO winGs tO pReVenT mY doWnFaLL.

Ben Browton – tMx 24 – 04/06
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