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poetry corner

s N a K e S a n D l a D D e r S

s N a K e S  a n D  l a D D e r S

sO –
a chiP oFF thE moRoCCaN asHtraY,
perPetraTeD bY thE dOOr;
anoTheR aCCiDenT
anoTheR breAkaGe
anoTheR iNciDenT
anoTheR snaP iN thE tiMe-LiNe –
wiLL thE neXt onE breAk mY sPinE?


theSe thinGs keeP haPPeninG sO
theRe muSt bE aN eXplaNaTioN –
theSe oBjecTs aRe frAgiLe,
anD reaDy tO bE jOlteD aT anY tiMe.
maYbE iT shOuLd haPPeN moRe ofTeN?
chaNcE plaYs iT’s faTeHanD coNtaiNinG
thE truMp caRd pReSaGinG


thUs thiS
iS suPPoSeD
tO bE mY loSS,
buT I vieW iT aS mY gaiN;
sTanDinG guaRd oveR mY fuTuRe –
a seNtiNeL.
I coUlD noT moVe forWarD
iF I weRe moRe seNtiMenTaL,
thiS meSSaGe iS eSSenTiaL –
iT’s onLy sNaKeS anD laDDerS anYwaY.

Ben Browton – tMx 24 – 04/06
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