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“ iT’s a gOOd yeaR!”
theY saY,
a gOOd yeaR foR muGs.


“yoU arE a shEEt oF glaSS...”
sTeLLa saiD ,
thiS reMarK diD noT uPseT mE –
I fouNd iT miLdLy aMusiNg.


I comE inTo thiS yeaR
moRe beMuSeD 
thaN eveR beForE,
soMetiMeS liFe wouLd bE eaSieR
iF I onLy haD onE leG
fReeDoM iS a raRe biRD –
thiS yeaR anD evErY yeaR .


“iT’s a gOOd yeaR!”
theY saY ,
a gOOd yeaR foR kiCkinG hoRseS ,
a gOOd yeaR foR eaTinG caCtii ,
a gOOd yeaR foR waVinG aT aErOpleNeS ,
a gOOd yeaR foR shedding a biTTer teaR .

Ben Browton – tMx 24 – 04/06
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