Tiger Force Talk To Jean Encoule

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Tiger Force Talk To Jean Encoule

Tiger Force are one of my favourite groups. They blend hip- hop & Sonic Youth like Kenwood blend soufflés. They don’t sound like anyone else right now – cue applause. If you like your guitars dirty, your beats filthier & your boy/girl vocal attacks to verge on the cataclysmic – then Tiger Force are for you. Search out their superb “Death Cola Music” & tell me I’m wrong. Bet you can’t.

Here’s my chatette with Tiger Force’s Andy Duckett:

trakMARX - To kick things off - tell these ignorant trakMARXists a bit about TIGER FORCE: where yer from, how yer got together, where yer @, etc.

Tiger Force - Grew up in Somerset but now qualify as proper NW Londoners. Played in the Somerset/Bristol scene a bit in various bands. Started this one to fill a gap and to show off at house parties. Currently fighting crime/grime.

trakMARX - What was the first serious LP purchase you made?

Tiger Force - Michael Jackson’s “Bad”. That shit is serious (don’t like his new stuff).

trakMARX - What influences have helped craft that TIGER FORCE sound?

Tiger Force - Sonic Youth changed my life. And then hip-hop influences (DJ Shadow, Prodigy, etc) told me we could mash it up with a drum machine style.

trakMARX - What do you prefer - recording or playing out?

Tiger Force - I usually prefer recording because there is more scope for experimenting (like with recorders, megaphones, etc) but there is always a smashing gig to turn me around.

trakMARX - What have been your top gigs so far: venues, regional audiences, groups you've gigged with?

Tiger Force - I like the small crammed gigs: Buffalo Bar in London. I liked playing with Snow White and Comanechi because they are sexy. Best audience is probably in Somerset, but that’s because they are all nutted on shrooms.

trakMARX - We've very much enjoyed your split 45 with Silent Front & your contributions to "Live At Purr". What's the full extent of the TIGER FORCE discography?

Tiger Force:

August 05 – Double A side 7” on Marquis Cha Cha records.

December 05 – Silent Front Vs Tiger Force split EP.

December 05 – ‘Live @ Purr’ – ‘Tiger Force Anthem’ & ‘We Start The Fires’.

March 06 – Contributed ‘Munki’ to The Riddler and other little monsters.

Forthcoming any day now – Contributing ‘Darth Bruckheimer’ to Dirty Zine’s Pedestrian 02 comp.

trakMARX - You mentioned something about collating all your stuff for a story thus far compendium. Is that a goer?

Tiger Force - It could be done. We have enough recordings for a mini-album. We might just put it all in a basket instead or shoot it into space.

trakMARX - When are we likely to get our hands on yr debut LP & what label might that be on?

Tiger Force - We are in the process of recording and writing but not really thinking in terms of an LP just letting it flow, ya know? It’s not out of the question though with Marquis Cha Cha, they are nice, or somewhere else? Marqius Cha Cha are a big help and let us roam free, a bit like cool hippy parents who let us stay out late, or a girlfriend that doesn’t mind a bit of ‘extra swing fun’, if ya know what I’m saying.

trakMARX - What music publications do you rate?

Tiger Force - The Zines!!! Greenwich Pirate, Fallout, Riddler and Artrocker Magazine. I also read NME but only in the library so it’s free, I wouldn’t pay for that anymore.

trakMARX - If you took a TIGER FORCE package tour round the UKs toilets which other 3 groups would you take with you & why?

Tiger Force - We love Blood Red Shoes and I would like to take Pre with us - and also Optimist Club, because they are sexy (some of the best new bands around, trust).

trakMARX - What do TIGER FORCE enjoy doing when not being TIGER FORCE?

Tiger Force - I’m nearly not a student any more and I make films & music videos, see them on our myspace page.

trakMARX - And finally, where do TIGER FORCE hope to be by this time next year?

Tiger Force – On tour, please!

Jean Encoule – tMx 24 – 04/06
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