Alternative Animals

Alternative Animals

Alternative Animals

Following the outstanding success of two superb compilations, Shock's “Do The Pop!” and Feel's “Tales From The Australian Underground”, worldwide interest in the Aus Punk scene circa ’76-79 has never been healthier. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide – all had their story to tell.

“Alternative Animals” arrives courtesy of Shock Records, Australia. The 2-disc package includes rare & unreleased music, video & interviews with: THE SAINTS, RADIO BIRDMAN, BOYS NEXT DOOR, SCIENTISTS, X, MANIKINS, CHOSEN FEW, FILTH, WHIRLYWIRLD, LIPSTICK KILLERS, BABEEZ - & more! Alternative Animals

Disc 1: (CD-ROM) allows the user to explore bands, family trees, releases and venues. Within the interactive screens are video interviews, live band footage, artwork, posters, photographs and fanzine material.

Live Footage:

  • Boys Next Door - Secret Life and Success Story. Nick Cave and Mick Harvey's first band live at Preston Tech 1978. Video Interview with Nick Cave and Rowland Howard 1978
  • The Saints - Demolition Girl filmed at Paddington town Hall 1977
  • Manikins - Turn to Crime live 1978 unreleased track and video
  • Filth - Never before seen live footage of Peter Tillman's pre-Lipstick Killers insane combo 1977. Legendary unrecorded Sydney punk!
  • Whirlywirld - first rehearsal
  • Plus Interviews With:
  • Rob Younger (Radio Birdman)
  • Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman)
  • Chris Bailey (Saints)
  • Ed Kuepper (Saints)
  • James Baker (Victims, Scientists)
  • Kim Salmon (Scientists)
  • Peter Tillman (Filth, Lipstick Killers)
  • Ed Wreckage (Leftovers)
  • Neil Fernandes (Manikins)
  • Rod Radalj (Scientists)
  • Mark Razar (Razar)
  • Mick Harvey (Boys Next Door)
  • Ollie Olsen (Whirlywirld)
  • Ron Peno (Hellcats)
  • Peter Oxley (Shy Imposters)
  • Julie Mostyn (Shy Imposters)
  • Bill Posters (Rocks)
Disc 2: (CD) exhaustively documents the Australian punk scene from 1976-79. The music is nothing less than epoch defining. A manic roar! As a compilation, it outdoes many of its contemporaries in the genre & ably convinces the listener that Aus Punks could well have been the fiercest on the global scene. Witness the unadulterated power & unquestionable glory of THE SAINTS & RADIO BIRDMAN live, the pure vitriol of BABEEZ, the sloppy nonchalance of LEFTOVERS, the utter brilliance of BOYS NEXT DOORS, the speed-fueled seediness of PSYCHO SURGEONS and the shock & awe of ROCKS.

Track Listing:
  • 1. The Saints - Demolition Girl (live) (Kuepper)
  • 2. The Saints - Erotic Neurotic (live) (Kuepper/ Bailey)
  • 3. Radio Birdman - Breaks My Heart (live) (Tek)
  • 4. Babeez - Hate (Quinn)
  • 5. The Leftovers - Cigarettes and Alcohol (Leftovers)
  • 6. Boys Next Door - Sex Crimes (Cave)
  • 7. Psychosurgeons - Horizontal Action (Taylor/ Taylor)
  • 8. Rocks - Your So Boring (Posters)
  • 9. Rocks - Kick Her Out (Posters)
  • 10. Manikins - Premonition (Fernandes)
  • 11. Lipstick Killers - Sockman (Lipstick Killers)
  • 12. The Chosen Few - No Fun On The Beaches (McAlpine)
  • 13. Whirlywirld - Steel Plaits (Whirlywirld)
  • 14. The Orphans - Heard It On The Radio (Buncle)
  • 15. X - Home Is Where The Floor Is (Rilens/Lucas)
“Alternative Animals” completes the holy triumvirate of Aus Punk Comps with style, panache & minute attention to detail. If you have any interest at all in Punk Rock as a global force you are commanded to track down a copy of this indispensable document forthwith. That’s an order.

Jean Encoule – tMx 24 – 03/06
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