trakMARX Club 45 - Black Time

Black Time

trakMARX Club 45 - Black Time

trakMARX is proud to announce details of the inaugural trakMARX Club 45 release:

This 7” single will be disgracefully limited to 250 copies only - & available exclusively through for a cost of £4 including postage & packing.

Advanced orders can be placed by emailing the words: RESERVE ME A COPY OF THE BLACK TIME trakMARX Club 45 SINGLE – along with your name & postal address to

Black Time have committed 3 exclusive unreleased ‘aural documents’ for you monophonic enjoyment - & here to whet your enticement nodes with some random justification is none other than Black Time leader, Agent Lemmy Caution:

Winter is dead - and despite deceptive dreary disinformation in the skies and disease-filled puddles of our cities - summer is comin’ on like a heat-hazed 3D viewfinder showing bleached-out holiday snaps of evil laughing children.

Along with these cheery trapped moments comes new aural documents from BLACK TIME: our own flies-in-amber magnetic tape experiments for you to wonder and retch at.

Time is compressed and distorted - so we strive to reflect the same in back-to-mono under-a-minute one-chord-punk rants and trash-o-phonic pop songs recorded in a bathroom - presented to you, the indifferent listener, complete with the discontented humming of amplifiers (cheap lead buzz and crackle spilt coffee at no extra charge).

Wonder at the harmonic viletones sparking off of the needle! Critics have said this sound is art-garage - but we never went to no art school. We’re just alcohol-damaged and own one too many Fall records - maybe. This is an ongoing testament - my daily diary of forbidden thoughts - a litany of complaints dragged up a steep hill kicking and screaming - then rolled back down to the beginning as we target disaster and start new chapters safe in the knowledge that we have failed again.

That wild mercury sound - unobtainable and out-of-reach - just beyond the next song. Give me another chance: I want to watch the image shatter - I want to compose new ways to fool myself into believing there’s some room for breathing - framing the rubble of what is left.

Listen and disapprove soon - courtesy of the hard-working folks at trakMARX records + tapes.

Agent Lemmy Caution – Black Time – 03/06
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