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Dance To The Radio – “What We All Want”


The Independent Renaissance Continues Apace:

12 months down the line from it’s inception, Leed’s premier independent label drops the BOMB!

“What We All Want” is the follow-up to 05’s acclaimed ‘Leeds’ compilation, heralded by just about everyone that matters, & the NME too, as the birth of the ‘new independent renaissance’ (copyright reserved: Jean Aramis Encoule).

The Cast: We Start Fires, The Pigeon Detectives, Shut Your Eyes And You’ll Burst Into Flames, Napoleon 111rd, Kubichek!, Yes Boss, Tera:Tora, Whores Whores Whores, This Et All, The Playmates, !Forward, Russia!, Samsa, Snow White, iLiKETRAiNS, O Fracas, Voltage Union, Dead Disco, Komakino, The Lucida Console, The Lodger & Redcarsgofaster

The Director: Whiskas

The Website:

Alongside fellow DIY’ers Filthy Little Angels, Wrath, artROCKER, Angular Recording Company, In It For The Money, SPC, Dogbox, Double Dragon, Fake Product, Jealous & Purr (& countless others), Dance To The Radio know instinctively that the ‘this is happening without your permission’ analogy is as relevant now as it ever was. This time last year, I was casting my cynical ears, nuclear sarcasm & barbed pen in the general direction of another compilation LP that purported to capture the zeitgeist of an impending revolution: “Future’s Burning” (Nude). Re-reading those stale & bitter words today, 12 months further down the rock’n’roll line, it’s pleasing, to say the least, to be able to exclaim: “See, I was right!”

It’s equally invigorating to see these spunky new labels exchanging groups (like the rest of us exchange bodily fluids). No need for a transfer window in this premier league: The Long Blondes have done it with Angular & The SPC, Tiger Force have done it with Purr & In It For The Money, Snow White have done it with Purr & Dance To The Radio, The Playmates have done it with Wrath & Dance To The Radio, etc, etc, etc - & artROCKER have done it with nearly all of them. Slags, the lot of you. I fucking love it. It’s like the Cartel all over again.

Ian Brown was a year out, as usual, when he said 05 was the best year for British music since 1977 (actually, he was a year out on both fronts – & as he’s predominantly famous first & foremost for his laser precision vocal inaccuracy, I guess everything else just follows suit) – 06 WILL BE the most important year for British music since 1976. How do I know? Trust me, I’m not remotely qualified.

“What We All Want” bristles with intent – hopping genres like some groups hop bandwagon’s (hello Runcorn Parva) – never taking it’s foot off the quality pedal for a second. This is one fuck of a compilation, perfect in every sense of the concept. Personal favourites include:

The Pigeon Detectives – “I’m Always Right”: could have been commissioned for me, this. Like a riot on a Belfast street circa 1978, The Pigeon Detectives invoke memories of Rudi, Good Vibrations & perfect punk pop. The guitar solo is pure Brian Young, the backing vocals are ace - & it’s all over in under 3 minutes. What more could you ask for?

Kubichek! – “That Pop Carry On”: artPOP that Jackson Pollock would doubtless have approved of whole-heartedly were he still alive & kicking. Splatters you in melody, leaves you dripping all over the floor – then whispers ‘I love you’ in your ear.

Yes Boss – “Meet The Boss”: way more chip-shop than hip-hop, this crew make The Streets sound like MC Hammer. Witty, amusing, affecting & utterly repeatable. Wespeck!

This Et All – “The Loveliest Alarm”: I wouldn’t mind waking up to this every morning – I’ll have to get onto Phill Jupitus @ 6Music. This Et Al go from strength to, erm, strength. Superlatives aren’t enough for these off-kilter pop-kids. The kind of glory you only usually see on Television. These boys are the British Film School – or I’m a fat old tosser.

The Playmates – “The Bill”: More rousing terrace backing vocals & more raucous rock’n’roll authenticity. The Playmates also pop up on Wrath Super Seven 12 (Wrath 34)

¡Forward, Russia! – “Two”: Whiskas main squeeze, & what a corking little number it is too. I can’t wait for the LP. There are no presidents. This is brave new music for a brave new world. Music of stature.

The Lodger – “You Got Me Wrong”: We flagged this lot up as one to keep at least one eye on in 06, & they sure as hell don’t let anyone down here. Jaunty, melodic & infectious.

Redcarsgofaster – “The Pragmatist”: Everything’s gone green, & to prove it, here’s more from the Factory floor. Hacienda that!

“What We All Want” is a template for the ‘new independent renaissance’ – if everything goes according to plan, by July we should be swimming in quality compilations, eating exciting new groups for breakfast & wiping our arses with copies of redundant mainstream hard copy publications. The revolution has started. Don’t stand up against any walls in the next few months, you may get hit by friendly fire!

The New Independent Rennaissance:

Asger Yawn – tMx 23 – 01/06
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