The Pogo Sessions – Punk Rock On The Cyber Airwaves

The Pogo Sessions – Punk Rock On The Cyber Airwaves

trakMARX - Tell us all about your new radio show - how did it come about - what's it for - & how does it work?

Zoe: The Pogo Sessions sprang up by a spooky sort of synchronicity...I'm a music journalist specialising in old school punk, and already wanted to inflict this desire, along with my favourite punk ditties, on the world. I bumped into ex-Radio Caroline DJ Johnny Reece, and he started telling me about this online malarkey he does on - he has his own internet station called Album Zone. He decided he liked my dulcet tones, and would I like to do a show? Only if it's punk, I replied. And the rest is history! The Album Zone has a whole bunch of rock shows on rotation a week at a time, ranging from prog rock, psych, folk, classic rock etc, etc - so a bit of pogo-ing was long overdue, in my opinion. (There will soon be a luscious, vaguely silly print punkzine, entitled Pogo, to accompany the show too.)

trakMARX - What's the frequency, Zoe? (that question was from a M.Stipe of Athens)

Zoe: Heehee! You need to log in to (it's free, I might add):

Album Zone shows can also be found on the mighty RTI:

Saturday nights at 10pm, and also on Sky on Wednesday nights, channel 931. But because of the "rotating" nature of the line up of shows, it's hit and miss who you get and when. But you never know, you could find yourself inadvertently tuning in to some folk rock and end up inspired to grow an impressive beard and go round whining with one hand clamped over your ear. I know I did.

trakMARX - What are your playlist perameters?

Zoe: It's all very free, thank goodness, no formatting or anything like that, so I get to choose what delights to play. Anything goes, as long as it doesn't contain swear words, which unfortunately means I don't get to play me faves - like ‘Oh Shit!’ by Buzzcocks or ‘Shoplifting’ by The Slits. Still.

trakMARX - Old skool, new skool & everything in between?

Zoe: Yes, yes and yes! (That was good for me, I must say.) But my personal bias leans heavily on the side of old skool, so lots of The Clash, Buzzcocks, The Slits, X-Ray Spex, The Stooges, Ramones, and post-punk stuff like Gang Of Four, XTC, you get the idea. But I do throw in new stuff too, honest...

trakMARX - Will you be playing demos & music from unsigned groups?

Zoe: Absolutely, I play as much as I can from new and unsigned bands, to be honest. There are some wicked new bands I have fallen in love with which fall very conveniently into the punk mould, attitude, etc. Ciccone, The Fat Cats, Cherubs to name but three of my new favourite bands. And bonkers Swedish group Quit Your Day Job of course. Brilliant.

trakMARX - What are your contact Dtails for groups wishing to submit demos, etc?

Zoe: It's best to drop me a line via email first, I can be contacted directly on, or Whichever address appeals to you, really, but if you're going to send me dirty messages, or ask my advice on embarrassing personal problems, go for the first one.

trakMARX - Will you be plugging trakMARX on a regular basis?

Zoe: Yes indeed! It's a mighty mag and no mistake.

trakMARX - Will you be featuring live guests? (i.e. could you stand having Marquee Smith on?)

Zoe: Well, much as I adore dear Marquee, it's all very new at the mo - currently it's just moi and music, but guests are a definite possibility. Although, I'm tempted to exploit the fact I go out with one of the Buzzcocks, (yes he is much older than me, before you ask. And no I haven't fallen in love with someone I shouldn't've etc etc ...) and just have him on every week, plugging his solo stuff until everyone gets thoroughly fed up with the pair of us...

trakMARX - Underground? Overground? (Wombling Free?) How would you prefer to be referred to as?

Zoe: Wombling free. And definitely underground.

trakMARX - When does all this Punk Rock action kick off?

Zoe: It's already deafening listeners worldwide this very moment. All Album Zone shows are aired on 24 hours a day. Hope you enjoy if you do catch the show, and feel free to get in touch and let me know your thoughts, if they're nice obviously.

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