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trakMARX Singles Club

As usual, as with anything to do with trakMARX, we’ve moved the goalposts already regarding last issue’s announcement of the impending birth of trakMARX Records – the label.

Following a whole bunch of investigative action into production, distribution & MCPS ‘issues’, the tMx committee has voted to bin the ‘label’ idea & move inexorably onwards and upwards with the trakMARX Singles Club instead.

Thankfully, Secret Agent Lemmy Caution & his fellow BLACK TIME cohorts care ‘not one jot’ about our spectacular u-turn - & intend to record a ‘brand new cache’ of BLACK TIME sounds for your impending exclusive consumption regardless.

Costing models are being duly considered as we type & full details of how to join the club & sign up for a full series of trakMARX branded 45s will be issued in Issue 23 (Feb 2006).

Jean Encoule – tMx 22 – 11/05
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