Intro 22

Bonjours, mes amis, et bienvenus a l’edtion DUBWISE de trakMARX - as TV Smith pointed out in Issue 21: trakMARX has come of age. Take it somewhere interesting, said Tim. We thought long & hard about that. Several terse editorial meetings followed. The eventual conclusion was unanimous: open the fucking windows.

Consequently, the Bunker has been rammed to the hilt with fresh air throughout the production of Issue 22 – the Dubwise Issue:

Guy Debored spends a relaxing weekend in rehab detoxing with the new Babyshambles LP.

Kris Needs (now drug, alcohol & smoke free) fires up an imaginary chalice to bring you Rocker’s Delight.

Harry O begins his tenancy at tMx with an invitation to appreciate the mighty U-Roy.

Martin Percival digests Punk:Attitude, a film by Don Letts, & Guy Debored quizzes The Don himself.

Jean Encoule has a little story for you: the ballad of The Pseudo Existors.

trakMARX’s End Of Term Report drops through the letterbox to frighten the kids & scare their parents shitless.

Steve Gardner chats to Jules Normington, erstwhile manager of Radio Birdman, doyen of the Australian Punk scene & champion of independent record retail in the Southern Hemisphere.

John Walters returns from the grave once again via the archives of Zigzag.

Kris Needs talks us through the build up to John Peel’s debut Radio 1 show.

Tyler Durden considers Andy Warhol.

Dave Adair marks his tMx debut with a raft of reviews & interviews.

Plus: The New Pornographers, The Atlantic Manor, The Wrens, The National, Ass Rockits, Pogo Radio, trakMARX Singles Club & all the usual news, reviews & fuct up views.

trakMARX 23 will be published towards the end of February 2006 – until then, have as Merry an Xmas as you may deem appropriate - & an even happier New Year.

Au revoir, mes amis.

Guy Debored – tMx 22 – 11/05
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