The Godfathers of Punk

godfathers of LA punk

The Godfathers of Punk

If you think punk rock started in England, well, you're dead wrong! Punk had its roots with bands such as MC5 / Iggy & the Stooges, etc. These bands would later define an entire generation. Yes, punk rock begun in America. And if the Ramones and The Heartbreakers (Johnny Thunders band) didn't tour England during the 70s there would mostly likely be no British punk as we know it. This compilation assembled by Philippe Mogane documents the seminal proto-punks of the U.S west coast during the late 1960's, 70's, and early 80's, with bands ranging from the obvious [The Stooges, The Weasels, The Controllers], to the obscure [Max Lazer Band, The Attitude, Nu Americans], all dignity flattened and remastered for your modern convenience. And it's definitely a worthwhile addition to anyone's musical collection.

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A compilation of Siamese Records Punk/Rock Bands, released today on Siamese Dogs Records, a label set up by French photographer Philippe Mogane. He first set out to the States in 71 to track down the Stooges, found them, took pictures of them (a few exclusive ones in the inlay), and released I GOT A RIGHT on the Siamese label with then Stooges guitarist, James Williamson as V.P. This kicks off the pre-street punk party and along the way you'll get the original "Neutron Bomb" by The Controllers, a track that inspired the Weirdos. We're told the Controllers are setting up tour dates and should be in a town near you soon! Black Sabbath and Doors fanatics - The Weasels toured for a few years in Southern California with Van Halen opening up for them (pre-spandex), they contribute "Beat Her With A Rake" a song about .. You guessed it, woman beating! Although the general public decided to storm record shops to destroy the record, it was nevertheless deemed a classic and was played the shit out of on KROQ (Probably LA's biggest Rock station.) The Attitude contribute Hound Dog (Yes, that one) with Little Richard (Yes, that one) on piano! Deemed too blasphemous at the time, it didn't get any airplay at all, and the band ended up "killing each other" whilst trying to record an album. Max Lazer was probably one of the What you get here is an excellent insight into some of the best bands LA had to offer.

Come Punkin¹ in the Free World!!

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